Program Highlights

2015-16 Highlights

Introducing TRIO SSS at Normandale.  

Receipt of Grant: 

In Summer of 2015, Normandale Community College received a five-year Student Support Services grant administered by the US Department of Education for $219,240 per year (a total of $1,096,200 over five years).   The grant is designed to provide support to low-income, first generation, and students with disabilities to help them stay in and complete postsecondary education. In addition to meeting the eligibility requirement of being a low-income, first generation or disabled student, Normandale will target students who test into the lowest levels of developmental reading and/or writing as students have shown a correlation between testing into developmental education and successful completion.   The program aims to significantly close the gap between eligible and non-eligible students in the areas of retention, good academic standing, certificate/degree completion, and transfer to a four-year institution.   Some of the ways the program will address these goals include intrusive advising, cohort activities, workshops on academic and non-academic skills (including financial literacy), tutoring, supplemental instruction, NCC-1000, learning communities, transfer preparation and assistance, career exploration and peer mentoring.  TRIO SSS was formerly celebrated on Friday, January 8 with a Kick-Off event for Scholars and their families.

Staff Hiring: 

Staff were hired in October of 2015:  In Fall of 2015, Normandale hired 4 professional staff members to administer the program:  Staff profiles can be found here.   Vision. Mission. Goals:  In concert with students and various Normandale departments, the vision, mission, and goals for the program were solidified.

Key Highlights:     

  • 269 Normandale students have applied to TRIO SSS  
  • 2.81 is the average GPA achieved by TRIO SSS Scholars in Spring  of 2016  
  • 91% is the average completion rate for TRIO SSS Scholars in Spring of 2016.

Students signed in to visit SSS 582 times. See student satisfaction survey results here.

TRIO Day:  

SSS partnered with TRIO Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search to highlight the work of TRIO to the Normandale Community, through an open house and tabling where students learned more about the work of TRIO and several applied for the program. In addition, students created a tweet wall and Dream board about TRIO.

The SSS Student Advisory Board was appointed with the following scholars:

Junruo Fu, Juan Rodriguez, Ushna Altaf, Yawa Komlanvi, Duc Le, Amber Branch.  

A Partners & Champions Advisory Board appointed: 

Mustafa Dualeh, Debra Tillman, Erik Martin, Marissa Machado, James Kircher, Jennifer Saunders, Kayla Swenson, Beena Cook, Wanda Kanwischer, Angie Arnold, Jeannette Sanchez, Susan Ant, Torrion Amie, Kari Rusch-Curl, Kristen Cooper, Eric Wardell, Tonya Hanson, Njia Lawrence-Porter.

Approximately 140 people attended the inaugural end of year SSS Banquet.

100 were expected. The scholars who achieved a 3.0 or better were recognized as academic all-stars.  Awards were given for most active and engaged scholar, most persistent scholar.  Our partner and champion of the year also were recognized.