Presentation: Brexit, Nationalism and the Breakup of Britain

Now that the end is near, is it time to face the final UK curtain? 

Global Studies and the Politics and Law Club invite you to this special presentation on November 14th from 3-4 PM by our guest speaker, Gerry Mooney.

The future of the UK is now more uncertain than at any time during its 300+ years. The referendum in 2016 which saw a majority vote for the UK to leave the European Union, has brought with it the most remarkable period in UK politics, at least since the Second World War. For the UK and EU, these are unique and interesting times. They are also, however, hugely unsettling and uncertain times: it is impossible to predict the future direction and shape of the UK. However, the Brexit vote, together with other political shifts in the UK, intertwined with other social and economic issues, has led to an even more divided country. Brexit or no Brexit, the UK has been undoubtedly changed; changed in ways that undermine any claim that the UK remains 'united'.  

Gerry Mooney is a Visiting Professor in Scottish Studies at UW-River Falls and a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Criminology at The Open University in Edinburgh, Scotland.