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Art (AFA)

AFA in Art

The AFA in Art is a pre-professional degree intended for students transferring to a BFA four-year program or those with a strong interest in visual art. The AFA in Art is designed to encourage students to focus their coursework to achieve an associate degree that distinguishes their accomplishments in art. The AFA in Art degree consists of a high concentration of art coursework with liberal arts general education courses. Careful planning in consultation with counselors and art instructors concerning course sequence, program admission, and transfer institution requirements is essential.


Normandale Community College's Art program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Careers in Art

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Admission to the Program is a two-step process.

Complete each step as soon as the decision to declare the degree is made.  

1. Application and Portfolio: Complete and submit the AFA in Art application and a digital portfolio of artwork (4 pieces) to the AFA in Art Coordinator, Lazare Rottach. / F1227/ (952) 358-8490 The AFA in Art application can be found at the AFA & AA in Art Major's bulletin board or online.  Use the Preparation of a Portfolio on page 2 for the specific requirements for submitting the digital portfolio of artwork. Completed application and artwork will be reviewed by Art Department faculty.  

2. Interview with AFA in Art Coordinator: After the application is reviewed, the AFA coordinator will schedule an interview to discuss your application and review the degree requirements.      

AFA in Art Degree Graduation Requirements:

1. Art Credits:  Complete 40 credits in Art courses (including Core Art Courses and Art Electives) with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Refer to the AFA in Art Course Requirements and the AFA-Art Recommended Program Planning Guide for specific requirements and suggested sequences of art courses.  

2. General Education Credits: Complete 20 credits with a minimum of one course in four of the following MnTC Goal areas: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, or 10. Courses numbered 1000 and above must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.  

3. Portfolio and Professional Practices Course: Complete Portfolio and Professional Practices (Art 2200) course (grade of C or higher) after taking Drawing 1 (1121), Two-Dimensional Design (1118), and Digital Photography (1114). (Course offered Fall only)  

4. AFA in Art Exhibition Course: Complete AFA in Art Capstone: Exhibition (2210) course (grade of C or higher) after completion of Portfolio and Professional Practices (2200) course and 10 or fewer art credits remain to completing degree. (Course offered Spring only)  

5. Graduation: File a graduation application during the semester you plan to graduate and receive approval for graduation on the basis of a degree completion audit.

Core Art Courses - 22 credits

Code Title Credits
ART 1102 Art History Survey 1: Prehistory to 16th Century Europe 3
ART 1103 Art History Survey 2: 16th Century Europe to 1945 3
ART 1114 Digital Photography 3
ART 1118 Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART 1120 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ART 1121 Drawing 1 3
ART 2200 Portfolio and Professional Practices 3
ART 2210 AFA in Art Capstone: Exhibition 1

Art Electives - 18 credits

Complete a minimum of six 3-credit courses.

Code Title Credits
ART 1109 Exploring Photography 3
ART 1110 Black and White Photography 3
ART 1113 Video Art 3
ART 1115 2D Animation and Interactivity 3
ART 1122 Electronic Illustration 3
ART 1123 Sculpture 3
ART 1124 Ceramics - Handbuilding 3
ART 1125 Glass Fusing 1 3
ART 1126 Printmaking - Screenprint 3
ART 1127 Painting 3
ART 1128 Watercolor Painting 3
ART 1129 Printmaking - Relief 3
ART 1130 Ceramics - Wheel Throwing 3
ART 1132 Mixed Media 3
ART 2201 Figure Drawing 3
ART 2204 Drawing 2 3
ART 2205 Advanced Painting 3
ART 2206 Glass Fusing 2 3
ART 2207 Advanced Photography 3

Optional Courses

Only one of these optional courses may be used as an Art Elective course.

Code Title Credits
ART 1101 The Visual Arts 3
ART 1104 Contemporary Art Survey 3
ART 1105 Non-Western Art Survey 3
ART 1900 Topics in Art 1-4