From Alliance for STEM

to Veterans and Friends,

and everything in between.


Student Clubs offer ways to get involved and enhance your experience at Normandale. If you don't see the club you want to join, start one! Visit the Starting a Club page for more information!

Meeting times listed below frequently change. Contact the club advisor to confirm meeting time and location.

ABC (Applying Biology to Community) Club

Meetings:  TBD

Contact Advisor:  Deb Carlson l

American Sign Language Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor:  Lauren Schuman l

Anthropology and Archaeology Club

Contact AdvisorBridget Fitzpatrick l

Black Student Alliance

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorJustin Martin l

Chemistry Club

Contact Advisor: Ruth Robinson l 

Chinese Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Paul Fendos l

Christian Student Fellowship

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Sharon Harvey l

Computer Programming Club


Contact AdvisorJames Polzin l

Creative Writing Club


Contact Advisor: Lynette Reini-Gandell l

Cultural Exploration and Travel Club


Contact Advisor: Jennifer

Dance Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorDoug Claycomb l


Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Justin Martin l

Diversity Club


Contact Advisor: Carol Daniel l

Drama Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Annie Cady l

Exercise Science Club


Contact Advisor: Angela Effertz l

Fencing Club

Contact Advisor: Angela

French Club


Contact Advisor: To Be Determined

Future Educators Association


Contact Advisor: Linette Manier l

Hospitality and Tourism Club


Contact Advisor: Brandon Supernault l

Japanese Culture Club


Contact Advisor: Yoshi Satoh l

Juggling Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Sharon Harvey l

Kappa Beta Delta (Business Honor Society)

Contact AdvisorDan Creed l

KPop and Friends

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Justin Martin l

League Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorJustin Martin l

LUNA Club (Latinos United at Normandale in Action)

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Javier Salinas Vega l

Math Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: James Carr l

Meditation Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorNancy

Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorJames Carr l

Muslim Student Association


Contact AdvisorWillie Johnson l

Nursing Club


Contact AdvisorCynthia Popp-Cronin l

Outdoors Club


Contact Advisor: Aimee Bolton l

Politics and Law Club

Meetings: Thursday 2-3:30pm, L3701

Contact Advisor: Kurt Burch l

Pure Quality Boxing Club

Contact Advisor: Dave Berret l

Self-Defense and Martial Arts Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorYoshi Satoh l

Soccer Club

Meetings: Monday TBD

Contact Advisor: Doug Claycomb l

Society of Women Engineers


Contact AdvisorAngela Foudray l

Somali Student Association


Contact Advisor: Dave Berner l

Spanish Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorSarah Beeman Hassouni l


Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Susan Kasahara l

Traditional Gaming Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact AdvisorJustin Martin l

Table Tennis

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Jay Kam l

Veterans Club

Meetings: TBD

Contact Advisor: Eric Olson l

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