Courses for Service-Learning

Below are the Normandale service-learning courses offered Spring 2019. Professors are listed alphabetically, by last name.  Select your class number for the service-learning handout for your course, which includes the service options for your course and the service-learning process. 

Baker, Libby Team Sports & Exercise: EXSC 1128-10

Baker, Libby Foundations of Personal Training: EXSC 2310-10

Beeman, Sarah Intermediate Spanish 1: SPAN 2100-10

Boatman, Nancy Drug Use & Abuse: HLTH 1106-14

Carow-Schiebe, Cynthia Drug Use & Abuse: HLTH 1106-12

Cooper, Kristen Paths to College Success: NCC 1000-18

Cowmeadow, Randi Intermediate Spanish 1: SPAN 2100-11

Cowmeadow, Randi Spanish for Educators: SPAN 1120-10

Darling, Dan Freshman Composition: ENGC 1101-24, 38, 44

Dettmann, David Criminal Justice: SOC 2130-90

Dettmann, David Juvenile Justice: SOC 2131-90

Fitzpatrick, Bridget Cultural Anthropology: ANTH 1127-10

Fitzpatrick, Bridget Medical Anthropology: ANTH 1899-00

Johnson, Nancy Stress Management: HLTH 1118-11, 12, 14

Jordheim, Krista Principles of Nutrition: HLTH 1107-10, 12

Kasahara, Susan College Physics 2: PHYS 1111-10

Kasahara, Susan Physics 1 for Scientists & Engineers: PHYS 1121-11, 12, 91, 92

Krook, Susan Native American Voices: ANTH 1150-10

Peifer, Jill Stress Management: HLTH 1118-10, 13

Sullivan, Stephen Criminal Justice: SOC 2130-00

Sullivan, Stephen Juvenile Justice: SOC 2131-00

Wyberg, Terry Mathematical Foundations 3: MATH 1070-90

Willey, Kendra Principles of Nutrition, HLTH 1107-90