Police Reserves/Explorers

Students participating in the Police Reserves or Police Explorers programs through any police department can count hours completed during the current semester in those programs toward service-learning hours. To get involved in one of these programs, contact the appropriate person in the city that you would like to serve. Many programs are advertised on the city police department websites.

Police Explorers: Law Enforcement Exploring programs are sponsored by local law enforcement agencies to provide law enforcement career information for students age 14 to 20.  Participants get to interact with local police officers and practice tactics at conferences.

Police Reserves: Many police departments have volunteers who assist the departments as they serve the community.  Volunteers help officers in community service tasks and non-criminal police functions.  For instance, in some departments you may assist motorists, participate in public safety programs, assist with accidents and fires, and assist with natural disasters and emergencies. You can work regular shifts and/or be on call.