Open Circle

Agency Description:

Open Circle Adult Day Services are non-profit, social-medical model day programs for older adults living in the metro area. The majority of our members have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as Dementia, and are at risk of being placed in long term care. Open Circle's primary goal is to keep our members united with their loved ones within the comfort of their own homes and communities for as long as possible. To support this goal our interdisciplinary team offers our members access to daily activities, case management, therapies, nursing and caregiver support. Open Circle Adult Day Services is part of the Augustana Care organization.


Position Description:

Open Circle interns work directly with our members, assisting staff in the facilitation of a diverse range of therapeutic activities such as brain games, music, art, adult education, active games and community outings. Interns also spend one to one time with our members providing socialization, validation and comfort. Interns have the opportunity to develop their own programming based on personal interests, talents and experiences. Students also have the opportunity to conduct informational interviews with activity, nursing and social work staff and experience a rapidly expanding area of community healthcare. Open Circle service-learners enjoy a highly flexible schedule and the convenience of multiple site Circle locations-Hopkins, Apple Valley and North Minneapolis. Operating hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday.


How to Apply:

For more information please contact Mark Rosen, Director of Programming and Community Outreach at 952-935-8143 or e-mail at