Normandle Math Center

Agency Description:  The Normandale Julie Guelich Math Center is a classroom for pre-college level math students.  All students in the Math Center are registered for Math 601, 602, or 603.  The goal is to prepare them for college level math.

Volunteer Description

a.      Primary duties are tutoring students working on ALEKS (web-based learning system) at the pre-algebra, elementary and intermediate algebra level.  Students are working on computers in the Math Center, so tutors are actively helping students at the student’s workstation (i.e. up walking around, and not sitting at a desk).  On assessment days, tutors help with proctoring.  Tutors also assist faculty and lab assistants with miscellaneous tasks. 

b.      A strong math background is necessary, the minimum qualification is an A or B in College Algebra.  Aside from the math background, we are looking for students with good communication skills and are friendly, courteous, and professional.  A faculty recommendation is required, verifying that the student has qualities that would make a good tutor.

c.       Volunteering 1 hour per week, depending on the start date is probably necessary to get the 15 hours needed.  We would prefer that once a tutor starts he/she work the same hours (per week) through the last week of class.  Students get used to a certain tutor and then depend on that person being there.

d.      We have one student tutor per hour; the unstaffed hours will be available later. 

How to Apply:  There is a paper application in the Normandale Math Center, C 3045, for students that want to be volunteer tutors in the Math Center.  If you have questions, contact Kyle Hanneman,, (952) 358-9224.