Bloomington Public Schools Gym & Recess

Valley View Elementary 

Agency Description:
Valley View Elementary School in Bloomington, MN educates a diverse group of students in grades K-5. Health and Wellness programs are emphasized at the school through the physical education curriculum and state health standards. VVE takes part in bike/walk to school day and emphasizes non-food treats for parties and birthdays. 

Position Description
Valley View Elementary would like to promote health and wellness during recess by participating in group games and play in general, as well as teaching students that group games can be played with little to no supervision.  Volunteers are needed to participate in group games and play during recess Mondays through Fridays 11:15am - 1:15 pm.  We are looking for enthusiastic students who like working with kids and are interested in promoting lifelong physical activity.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

               Encourage students to participate in group games and play during recess.

               Volunteers must make a weekly commitment for at least one day per week throughout the semester.

               Volunteers will check-in by 11:10am and prepare any needed paperwork prior to recess time at 11:15 am. Recess will last until 1:15 pm. Volunteers will then clean up any equipment used before leaving Valley View Elementary School around 1:20 pm.


How to Apply:
Submit an online application by the application deadline:  Thursday, 
Sept. 13th  

Application process:

1.     Submit an online Gym and Recess Normandale application.    You must complete BOTH the Normandale and Bloomington Pulblic Schools applications. You do not need to also complete Normandale’s Service-Learning Registration; filling out this form also counts as your Normandale Service-Learning Registration. 

2.     Submit an online application to the Bloomington Public Schools.

3.   Attend Training.  You will get an email confirming your training time.  The half hour trainings are at Normandale and are done by the Volunteer Coordinator from Bloomington Public Schools.  The training counts toward your service hours.

4.      Respond to the background check emailAfter you submit your application you will receive an email from that you must respond to.  If you don’t see the email check your junk folder. 

Contact the Center for Experiential Education with any questions:  (952) 358-8119 or

If you have site-specific questions contact:

·          Steve Searl, Dean of Students, Valley View Elementary

·, (952) 681-5736


Note about Tracking Hours: In order to get credit for your hours you must record your hours on a Normandale Service-Learning Timesheet and, once you have completed your hours, you should have the site supervisor sign your timesheet to confirm your hours. Pickup a Timesheet in C1066 or download a copy online at in the Key Community Partners Section.