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America Reads and America Counts is a tutoring program where Normandale students work within the Bloomington Public School District to help K-12 children improve their math and reading skills.  Tutoring in this position comes with many rewards, offering each tutor a chance to make a difference in a child's life, gain valuable skills, and build their resume. While previous tutoring experience is helpful, it is not required to apply. New tutors attend a required training session. The program seeks applicants with the desire to help a child succeed and the energy and time it takes to make this commitment.

Tutor Scheduling and Positions:

  • Tutors spend 1.5-4 hours per week during a set time at a Bloomington school, tutoring the student in math or reading. Most tutors work one-on-one with students or will help a number of students in a classroom.  Some tutors assist in an after-school homework help program. 
  • Tutoring positions a set schedule during the school day (M-F 7:45 am-3 pm), after school (M-Th 3:15-4:15 pm), and Tues. evenings (T 5:30-7:30 pm). 
  • We do our best to work around your schedule when we place you in a tutoring position.

As a Tutor You Will:

  • Work with children one-on-one or in small groups.
  • Work with one of 15 elementary, middle, or high schools or library in the Bloomington area.
  • Attend an orientation and training prior to tutoring.
  • If you qualify for work-study you can be paid $9.50/hour for tutoring with America Reads and Counts. 
  • Need your own transportation to and from the school; several schools are on the bus line.
  • Need to pass a background check (no cost to you).

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Application Process for newtutors (fall 2017)

Our application deadline for fall 2017 has passed.  We are no longer accepting new applications for fall 2017.

  1. NEW TUTOR NORMANDALE APPLICATION:  Complete the online Normandale America Reads and Counts Application. Reference: On the application you will be required to provide a name and email address for a professional reference (i.e. professor, employer, volunteer coordinator).  Do not have relatives or friends fill out the reference form.  Your reference will receive a follow up email after you submit your application.
  3. INTERVIEW:  Once you submit the Normandale application you will get an email with a link to sign up for a 30 minute interview.  The interview is at Normandale in the Center for Experiential Education (C 1066).
  4. BACKGROUND CHECK:  Within about a week of applying you will receive an email from  This email is from the background check company Bloomington Public Schools uses and is secure.  You should get this email within a week of applying.  If you do not see the email check your junk email folder.  If you do not receive a background check email in a week or so contact us (info below).

Contact the Center for Experiential Education with any questions:  (952) 358-8119 or

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Application process for rETURNING tutors (fall 2017):

Returning Tutor Application Deadline: Thursday, Sept. 7th, 2017

  1. RETURNING TUTOR NORMANDALE APPLICATION (Do NOT fill this out if you are a new tutor): Complete the online Normandale America Reads and Counts Returning Tutor Application by Thursday, Sept. 7th, 2017.  Check your email for more information on start date and placement.

Details for Returning Tutors:

  1. Returning tutors do not need to interview, do training, or do reflection sessions again. Returning tutors are still required to fill out timesheets. 
  2.  As a returning tutor, you have the option to continue tutoring at your same site, or to have us find you a new placement. 

    If you would like to return to your same tutoring site:

    •         Coordinate your tutoring days/times with the teacher.  If you need your teacher's contact information search the Bloomington Public School Staff Directory or email

    •         Email Paige Wheeler ( your tutoring site and schedule Thursday, Sept. 7th, 2017

    •         You can start tutoring as early as it works for you and your teacher.  All tutors should start by the week of Oct. 2nd at the latest.  

    If you want a new placement:

    •         You'll note your updated availability on the online form.

    •         We'll place you the week of Sept. 18th;  tutors with new placements will start tutoring the week of Oct. 2nd.

Contact the Center for Experiential Education with any questions:  (952) 358-8119 or


Fall 2017 new Tutor Training Sessions:

Getting prepared to tutor is an important aspect of the America Reads/America Counts program. New tutors are required to attend a Reads or Counts training session at Normandale before you begin tutoring. You will sign up for a training date after you interview and are accepted as a tutor.  We offer multiple training times, but tutors only attend one training time.  We have training customized for math or reading tutors. 

The dates of America Reads/Counts training sessions are as follows:

Reading Trainings:

  • Monday, Sept. 25th, 2:00-4:50 pm (Location: S 2336)
  • Thursday, Sept. 28th, 2:00-4:50 pm (Location:  A 2562)

Math Trainings:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 9:00 am-11:50 am (Location:  K 1450)
  • Wednesday, Sept. 27th, 9:00 am-11:50 am (Location:  C 3147)

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Fall 2017 Reflection sessions:

As part of the America Reads and Counts program we offer reflections, which give you an opportunity to think about and process your tutoring experiences. The reflections are optional,
but encouraged.  Reflection #1 is an online reflection.  For Reflection #2 you can do either an in-person or online reflection. Both Reflection #1 and #2 count for 1 hour of your service-learning, work study, and/or volunteer time.  So, if you are tutoring for service-learning and are going to be short 1-2 hours this is your opportunity to get extra hours.  If you complete any of these reflection sessions you must put this time on your timesheet to get credit.

1.     Reflection #1:  Fill out this survey by Fri. Oct. 27th

2.     Reflection #2:

In person option: Pick 1 of the 3 options; all three sessions are the same. Sign up online if you want to attend.

  • Tues. Nov. 7th, 10:00-10:50 am, location: S 1328
  • Wed. Nov. 8th, 2:00-2:50 pm, location: A 2554
  • Thurs. Nov. 9th, 11:00-11:50 am, location: A 2570

Online option: If you can't attend the in-person reflection options
please fill out this survey by Wed. Nov. 29th


Tutors volunteer between 1.5-4 hours per week on a set schedule.   You will not be expected to tutor during Normandale final examinations, Bloomington Public Schools Spring Break, or any day the Bloomington schools are not in session. You WILL be expected to tutor on days when Normandale is not in session, if the Bloomington schools are in session. 

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Contact the Center for Experiential Education at C 1066, (952) 358-8119, or