About Us

At the Center for Experiential Education we hope to change our world by inspiring students to make a commitment to meaningful service. This meaning stems from the reciprocal relationships fostered between students, their college, and their community. We create programs that benefit students, the college and the community, some of which you will find below.


Benefits For Students

  • Enriched learning
  • Skill development
  • Improved self esteem
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Job contacts
  • Making a difference
  • Career exploration
  • Scholarships
  • Application of classroom knowledge
  • Civic literacy and skills

Benefits For the College

  • Improved student satisfaction and retention
  • Broader understanding of commitment to the community
  • Increased learning opportunities
  • Increased student motivation
  • Extends classroom walls to the community
  • Improved community college relations
  • Improved student preparation for work and transfer to other institutions of higher education

Benefits For the Community

  • Increased resources for the community organization
  • Increased student awareness of organization and public policy
  • Increased access to college resources
  • Improved college-community relations
  • Increased ability to hire good students
  • Increased future citizen support/commitment

Mission Statement

Experiential Education builds knowledge, develops skills and clarifies values by engaging learners in direct experience, community engagement and focused reflection. The Center for Experiential Education includes Service-Learning, Internships, Volunteering, Campus Cupboard, and Leadership Through Service.