Diversity Center

Our Mission:

To promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance across all diverse groups throughout the Normandale Community College campus and beyond.

Our Vision:

The Diversity center was created to enhance the educational experience at Normandale Community College; both inside and outside the academic classroom. The Normandale Diversity Center understands that diversity goes far beyond race and nationality thus the Center embraces inclusivity of all. The Diversity Center is an all-inclusive space that nutures a sense of belonging, promotes healthy dialogue, and provides opportunities to strengthen the multicultural fabric of our Normandale community.

What We Do:

  • Cultural Programming
  • DE&I Dialogues
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Building
  • Promote Cultural Awareness & Acceptance
  • Continual Education & Awareness Planning

EVERYONE is welcome at the Diversity Center in the Kopp Student Center, Room K-1439.

Open Hours:

Many clubs and other groups meet in the Diversity Center throughout the week. If you would like to reserve the space for your club or organization, please contact the Campus Events Assistant, Carol Daniel. We will have open hours and quiet study hours during the following times:

Tuesday: 12:30-3pm - Quiet Study Hours

Wednesday: 9am-12pm - Open Hours

Thursday: 10am-12pm - Quiet Study Time and 12:30-2:30pm - Open Hours

Friday: 10am-12pm - Quiet Study Hours

Hours are subject to change without prior notice for meetings and staffing needs.