General office information

Office: C2120
Phone: 952-358-8624

Deb Tillman

Debbie Tillman, Director of Academic Support Services

Office: L 2755

Phone: 952-358-8623

Beena Cook

Beena Cook, Tutoring Center Coordinator

Office: C 2120

Phone: 952-358-9187

Catherine Nordlie, PASS Coordinator for Humanities

Office: C 2120

Phone: 952-358-8973

Tyler Person, PASS Coordinator for Math, Science, and Logic 

Office: C 2122

Phone: 952-358-8708

Grace Anderson, ESL Tutor

Office: C 2120

Phone: 952-358-8626

Eric Wardell, Writing Center Director

Office: A 2569

Phone: 952-358-9340