Our Staff

General office information

Office: L2751-L2755
Phone: 952-358-8625

Debbie Tillman, Director
Office: L2755
Phone: 952-358-8623
Email: debbie.tillman@normandale.edu
Debbie has been the Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at Normandale since 2001 and the Director of Academic Support Services since 2005. Students who have a documented disability and would like to receive accommodations for their Normandale courses need to meet with Debbie or Kayla for an intake interview. Debbie, along with the rest of the OSD staff, can also assist students who have questions about the college, accommodations, disability issues or other concerns.


Kayla Allen, Accessibility Specialist
Office: L2754
Phone: 952-358-9409
Email: kayla.allen@normandale.edu
Kayla Allen has a background in Vocational Rehabilitation and School Counseling. She has always had a passion for working with individuals with disabilities, and joined the OSD staff at Normandale in 2015. Some of Kayla's main roles include meeting with students for the intake interview, assisting with questions regarding reasonable accommodations, and helping students with organization and time management. In her free time Kayla enjoys spending time with friends and family, movies, and stand-up comedy.

Geri Wilson, Interpreter/Accommodations Specialist
Office: L2751
Phone: 952-358-8596
Email: geri.wilson@normandale.edu
Geri has worked with students at Normandale since 2005. As the staff sign language interpreter, she is responsible for interpreting for deaf/hard-of-hearing students in classrooms. She is available in the OSD office to help students implement any of their accommodations and answer questions. Outside of work, Geri enjoys movies, stand-up comedy and reading.

Lauren Schumann, Access Program Coordinator
Office: L2753
Phone: 952-358-9213
Email: lauren.schumann@normandale.edu
Some of Lauren's main responsibilities include: developing and monitoring the Access Program, academic support for students with significant disabilities, community outreach, intakes, and general questions and concerns regarding the OSD office.

Dan Hagen, Accommodation Coordinator
Office: L2751
Phone: 952-358-8532
Email: dan.hagen@normandale.edu
Some of Dan's main responsibilities include meeting with students for their everyday questions, proctoring exams with accommodations, assisting with scheduling and phone calls, and assisting students with alternative text and note taking requests.

Analise Williams, Testing Coordinator 
Office: L2740
Phone: 952-358-8590
Email: analise.williams@normandale.edu
Analise's main responsibilities include proctoring tests for Normandale students and students from other colleges, along with proctoring tests for students that are registered with the Office for Students with Disabiliities.