Parking information

The following procedures and regulations have been developed and are monitored to maximize all available on-campus parking space to meet such needs for students, employees and visitors of the College.

Authority for establishing parking and traffic regulations on the State University campuses was granted to the Minnesota State College and University Board and in turn to the State University campuses by Minnesota Statute, Section 169.966, subdivision 8 (1984) and the Minnesota State University Board Internal Rule 402 F.l.e. The President of Normandale Community College has approved these regulations.

As an alternative to parking on campus, the Metro Transit System provides convenient bus service to the college from many locations within the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

For more information on this service, call the Metro Transit System at 612-373-3333 or visit their website at

SouthWest Transit also provides bus service to and from the campus on weekdays from Eden Prairie, Chanhassen and Chaska, Click here for most recent schedule.  Additional information is available at: or by calling 952-949-2BUS (2287).

The campus bus stop is at the main entrance, which is the south side of the College Services Building.

Metro Transit BusMetro Transit Bus

Normandale Community College has an active Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program. For questions regarding alternative transportation initiatives or methods, please contact Erik Bentley, TDM Coordinator.

He may be contacted by email here.

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Parking fees

When you pay your tuition fees, you have paid for the privilege to park in any of the six parking lots on campus. Faculty and staff also pay an annual fee to use the campus parking lots. The parking fee revenue is used to maintain the parking lot surfaces and lighting and to provide safety and security in the lots and the surrounding areas.

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Handicapped parking

  • Mandated and regulated by State Law
  • Can only be used by handicapped persons who display a valid State Handicapped Permit
  • $200.00 fine is assessed for violations of this law when the citation is a Normandale Community College citation. If the ticket is a Hennepin County citation the fine shall be $275 or higher
  • Permits can not be issued by Normandale Public Safety. The State of Minnesota DMV can only issue permits with approval from a doctor
  • The Bloomington Police and Normandale College Student Safety Officers pay particular attention to these spaces

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Staff parking with Permit

  • Located on the northwest side of Lot#4
  • Available to faculty and staff on an as-needed basis
  • Faculty and staff must apply for a permit through the office of Public Safety (F1250)
  • Permits must be visibly displayed on the recipients vehicle

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Carpool Parking

Mini Cooper with Carpool Plate

Carpool parking in close convenient locations is one of the benefits provided to Normandale students, faculty and staff.

Not only does this reflect environmental stewardship, but it reduces the demand for our parking stalls, minimizing some of the long term costs of Normandale’s parking facilities. The ride share program is managed and permitted through Commuter Services, an outreach program of the I-494 Corridor Commission.

Program qualifications

A permit issued by the 494 Corridor project by visiting their website at

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Violations and fines

Hennepin County Tickets are written by the Bloomington Police and Normandale College Public Safety Officers. These Tickets must be paid to the Hennepin County Court according to their Fine Schedule. Normandale College Tickets are written by Normandale College Public Safety Officers according to the following Fine Schedule.

Violation fine

  • No Permit Visible -$25.00
  • Fire Lane Parking Violation -$25.00
  • Handicapped Parking Violation -$200.00
  • Parking Along Yellow Curb -$25.00
  • Parked Blocking Driveway/Vehicle -$25.00
  • Expired Parking Meter -$25.00
  • Parked in Unauthorized Parking Area -$25.00
  • If the ticket is not paid within ten working days, a $10.00 late fee will be added.
  • If the ticket is not paid, a hold will be placed on your financial account. In certain instances unpaid fines will be turned over for collections.

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Unauthorized parking areas

Unauthorized parking area means any space that is not within an area marked on the pavement with white lines. (Snow on the ground is not a defense for this ticket.)

Extra patrol is given to the following parking spaces to ensure there are no violations:

  • Vendor parking
  • Reserved parking (numbered permit required)
  • 30 minute admissions parking
  • Visitor parking (by permit only)

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Overnight parking

Overnight parking is permitted in Lots #3 and #4 and with permission from the Public Safety department. Overnight parking is strictly prohibited in all lots for any vehicle that is specifically designed, equipped, and/or used for sleeping. Sleeping or Staying overnight on campus in any vehicle is not permitted.

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Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is located in Lot #2 in front of the Fine Arts entrance and in the first row (closest to the building) of Lot #3 just off of the main driveway.

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Appeals process

If you receive a ticket and feel it is not valid, the appeals process is as follows:

  • Go to the Public Safety Office and fill out an Appeals form or download an appeals form from our website: Parking Citation Appeal Form
  • Return your appeal in a timely manner in order to eliminate possible late fees. Ticket must be appealed with in ten (10) business days of when it was written.
  • Appeals will be reviewed and decided by the Student Rights and Responsibilities Board, which is governed by the Code of Conduct.
  • You will be notified in writing as to the decision of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Board.
  • All decisions by the Student Rights and Responsibilities Board are final.

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Traffic violations

Public Safety Officers may write tickets for traffic violations occurring on campus pursuant to Minnesota State Statute 169.966. In certain instances the ticket will be written against the owner of the vehicle in violation and by State Statue, the owner is responsible to pay the ticket. If it was someone other than the owner, it is the owner's responsibility to deal with the actual driver.

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Numerous violations

Persons receiving more than one citation, or as exemplified by their poor driving habits are determined to be a careless or reckless driver, may lose all privileges to drive or park on campus. State law provides the College with the authority to tow vehicles at the owner's expense.

Overnight parking is permitted in Lots #2 and with permission from the Public Safety department. Overnight parking is strictly prohibited in all lots for any vehicle that is specifically designed, equipped, and/or used for sleeping. Sleeping or Staying overnight on campus in any vehicle is not permitted.