Normandale Cares Emergency Grant

Current Students: Apply for Normandale Cares Emergency Grant

About the Normandale Cares Emergency Grant

Normandale Community College now has additional resources to help low-income students weather financial emergencies through the Normandale Cares Emergency Grant. Students can apply for small grants to help cover expenses just beyond their means, which allows them to quickly return focus to their academic pursuits.

Qualified expenses will be paid within 72 hours of an approved application. Students also will be referred to additional campus, community, and financial literacy resources to supplement the grants, address root causes or contributing factors to the financial emergencies, and further support students' persistence.

The student emergency grant program at Normandale is made possible by a $37,500 emergency grant from Office of Higher Education. The emergency grant program will help low-income students overcome financial obstacles that might otherwise cause them to drop out. It is also one of eight colleges in Minnesota to receive the grant.

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The Office of Higher Education administers the Emergency Assistance for Postsecondary Students (EAPS) Grant Program to foster postsecondary attendance and retention for low-income students by providing funding and resources to Minnesota colleges and universities with a demonstrable homeless population. Grant funds are intended to meet immediate student needs related to housing, food, and transportation that would otherwise prevent students from completing their term.