Returning Students

Advisor and student

Welcome back! If you are returning to Normandale after being away for a while, the following information can get your started back up. 

Set up your StarID and password. 

  • Your StarID is used to access eServices, D2L, and email.  If you need to look up or activate your StarID, or reset your password, do so here
  • Your TechID is an 8 digit number on your Student ID card. If you no longer have it, come to campus with an official photo ID (such as a license or passport), and the Records Office in College Services can give you that information. If you can't come to campus, request an unofficial transcript, and your TechID will be in the top right corner. 

Update your record. 

  • Make sure that your name, address and major are current.
  • Send an official transcript of any colleges you attended since you were last enrolled at Normandale. 

Register for classes.

  • Your StarID and password are needed to log into eServices. You can reveiw the degrees currently offered and their requirements here
  • Placement tests results for Reading and English placement expire after 3 years; Math placements expire after 2 years (or, if you submitted ACT or SAT scores, they are valid for 5 years). If you have not taken the correct courses and your results have expired, you will need to retest

Get help with academic planning. 

  • Met with an academic advisor or counselor and get off on the right start! To schedule a 30-minute planning appointment, call 952.358.8621.
  • Students may also stop by Express Advising walk-in hours for quick 5-10 minute questions. 

Pay for classes.

Buy your textbooks.

  • Once you have registered, you can order your books here. Go to TEXTBOOKS on the menu, and enter your class information (which can be found in eServices under "Review my Plan"). 

Access your Normandale email and D2L regularly.

  • You are required to use your Normandale email account. Pay special attention to the login directions, since you don't enter your email address. 
  • D2L is our course management system, and and essential to your success as a student. It is accessed with your StarID and password. 

For assistance with any or all of these steps, please call 952.358.8261 to schedule a 30 minute appointment with an academic advisor or counselor.