Transfer Credit Evaluation

Course equivalencies for all Minnesota State schools and the University of MN are located at Transferology.

Course equivalency tables explain how courses taken at other institutions "transfer in" to Normandale.

To see how Normandale courses "transfer out" to other institutions, check the website of the specific institution you are considering.

These course equivalencies provide a current list of how Normandale will receive courses from various colleges and universities. If a course transfers as an equivalent course, the specific Normandale course is listed as that equivalent.

If a course transfers but there is not an equivalent course at Normandale, the Normandale course is listed as "No Match", and the course transfers as an elective.

Courses that are not listed in the equivalency table may still transfer, but transfer is not an automatic decision. You should send an official transcript to Normandale, then meet with an advisor or counselor to go over your transcript.

Developmental courses (numbered below 100 or 1000 depending on the numbering system) do not transfer. They are useful in demonstrating your background and may meet a prerequisite requirement.

Schools that are not a part of MN State (private, out of state, etc.) may be listed at the above website also. If not, check the school's website or make an appointment with an advisor or counselor for more information.

Credit by Examination

The following links require that you create an account for yourself at the Transferology website:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
  • DSST (Dantes Subject Standardized Tests)
  • International Baccalaureate

For AP, CLEP, DSST, and IB, click on link to Transferology, create your own free account, then pick View Equivalencies => transferring to Normandale => Standard Exam, then pick which exam you have taken.