Students and Parents

When you take a concurrent enrollment course, you are a Normandale Community College student, with all of the associated benefits and responsibilities. Here are some of the key benefits: 

  • You get a jump-start on college. The college credits you earn can count toward your college degree or certificate.
  • It makes college cheaper! Concurrent enrollment courses are totally free to you. There are no tuition, fees, or charges for books.
  • You get a competitive edge. College work is harder than high school work, and learning how to do well in college classes is easier when you're only taking one or two college courses.
  • You acquire important academic skills. The critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that you acquire in concurrent enrollment courses will prepare you for success.
  • You will demonstrate your learning just as you will in college. College courses typically evaluate what you're learning in lots of ways: tests, papers, presentations, etc. You will experience many of these in your concurrent enrollment courses.
  • You acquire "college knowledge." Navigating college can be challenging. Taking concurrent enrollment courses will help you to master some of those skills before you get to college.
  • Build confidence in the ability to succeed in college.

Student benefits of taking concurrent courses include:

  • Earn college credit
  • Save money
  • Get the college experience in a high school setting
  • Develop college-level study habits and time-management skills
  • Experience college expectations and academic rigor
  • Save time and gain flexibility
  • Build confidence in the ability to succeed in college

For more information about our program, please check out our student handbook

Next, connect with your high school counselor, who can answer any additional questions you have and help you apply.