Concurrent Enrollment FAQ's

Important Facts about Concurrent Enrollment

How many Minnesota students take concurrent enrollment?

Over 30,000 students in Minnesota take concurrent enrollment courses each year.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to Minnesota students.

How much will you save? Families saved more than $71 million in tuition by their children enrolling in concurrent courses.  


Participation in concurrent enrollment begins your college experience. In contrast to Advanced Placement (AP), where college credit is granted upon successful completion of a national examination and no record is kept on the student's college transcript if the exam is not passed, registration for concurrent enrollment constitutes a commitment to enter the final course grades on your college transcript. Furthermore, credit is earned by performance and participation throughout the course, rather than by an exit examination alone.


All concurrent enrollment grades are posted to an official college transcript, and a college GPA is established. This transcript becomes part of your college record. Final grades will also appear on your high school transcript.

Drops and Withdrawals:

Withdraw definition: After the drop deadline, a withdraw can be made before the withdraw deadline. A "W" grade will appear on your college transcript. Your college GPA will not be affected. Contact Normandale for drop and withdraw deadlines.