Supplemental Instruction

The Tutoring Center at Normandale Community College

Supplemental Instruction is an academic support program that targets high-risk courses rather than high-risk students. It is led by a peer who has been successful in a difficult course and has been recommended to serve as an SI Leader in that course.

The SI Leader sits in on the class in order to develop relationships with the students and to stay current on the material. The SI Leader then organizes and facilitates group sessions during which participants review the course content and practice effective study strategies.

These sessions are engaging and student-centered with an emphasis on cooperative learning. SI Leaders are also available for one-on-one appointments in the Tutoring Center. 

Supplemental Instruction does not replace traditional tutoring, but it does offer a form of academic support that is active and peer-led. Participation in Supplemental Instruction is voluntary, but research shows that students who attend SI sessions are more successful in the course.

Why Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

  • SI is a high impact, research-based program that consistently helps students by increasing course success rates and decreasing withdrawal rates.
  • The SI program decreases stigma by targeting historically difficult courses rather than high risk students.
  • SI targets students who are motivated to learn course material, and gives less motivated students the opportunity to imitate them in the weekly group sessions.

Visit the Tutoring Center (C2120) to pick up an application!