PASS for Instructors

Is PASS right for you?

Having a PASS Leader in your class will help your students be more successful in the course. You will see the many benefits of PASS reflected in retention rates, grades and enthusiasm. The best part is that it's at no cost to you!

Instructors who have had PASS Leaders in their courses have said:

  • "Retention... has never been this good."
  • "Students get more practice and dedicated time on the course material"
  • "I'm seeing better grades in my classes"
  • "I'd do it in every class if I could."

If you are interested in signing up for the PASS program, contact Tyler Person ( for math and science or Catherine Nordlie ( for humanities. PASS works best if instructors recommend a student who has been through the course. If you are not recommending a PASS Leader, the PASS supervisors will work to find you someone. Thank you for your interest in Peer-Assisted Study Sessions!