Network Services

The ITS Network team is responsible for many technology services around campus including; user accounts, data backup, wifi and network securty, campus phone lines/printers, hosting and maintaining Normandale's website and intranet portal, etc.

Below you will find more in depth descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the Network services team.

User Accounts | File Storage -

ITS provides our users with the ability to securely authenticate into Normandale's network as well as storing files to a location which can be access remotely.

Server Maintenance and Backup -

Normandale's servers are updated and maintained on a daily basis as well as being backed up with a battery powered generator in case of a power outage.

Data Aggregation | Business Analysis -

There are many statistics that Normandale monitors to ensure the best enrollment rate. The network team manages databases that hold this information for other college departments to query for information. This information is also used for Business Analysis, in order to recommend solutions and deliver value to stakeholders. Normandale's I.T. Business Analyst works directly with departments to deliver information technology solutions that will meet business objectives while improving the business process.

Website | Intranet Portal -

The ITS network team is in charge of hosting, maintaining, and updating Normandale's website and intranet portal (SharePoint).

Phone Lines | Campus Printers | Wifi -

All of the Phone lines on campus, campus Printers and Wifi networks are monitored by the network team. We provide our users with the ability to securily access the wireless network from anywhere on campus and the use of campus phones and printers.

Email | Network Security -

Email security and backup is supported by Normandale's Network team.


Jon Marshall | Assoc. Dir ITS | Sr. Network System Architect |
Office: L1703 | Phone: (952) 358-8252

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