Meredith Hauer - Interim Director of Advising & Counseling

Office: C1077 

Phone: 952-358-8776

Email: Meredith Hauer


Carrie Shidla, Associate Director of Advising & Counseling

Office: C1059

Phone: 952-358-9004

Email: Carrie Shidla

Garance Blanchot-Aboubi, Academic Advisor

Office: C1054 

Phone: 952-358-9106  

Email: Garance Blanchot-Aboubi


Frances Bland, Counselor

Office: C1050

Phone: 952-358-8259

Email: Frances Bland


Ellen Carey, Academic Advisor

Office: C1057

Phone: 952-358-9047

Email: Ellen Carey


Dana Cimino, Academic Advisor

Office: C1048

Phone: 952-358-8196

Email: Dana Cimino

Kristen Cooper, Counselor

Office: C1046

Phone: 952-358-8807

Email: Kristen Cooper


Valerie Dean, Counselor

Office: C1052A

Phone: 952-358-8253

Email: Valerie Dean


Mustafa Dualeh, Academic Advisor

Office: C1056B

Phone: 952-358-8139

Email: Mustafa Dualeh


Lavonne Evenson, Counselor

Office: C1052C

Phone: 952-358-8257

Email: Lavonne Evenson


Paul Harlos, Counselor

Office: C1055

Phone: 952-358-8254

Email: Paul Harlos


Simote Katoa, Academic Advisor

Office: C1052B

Phone: 952-358-8216

Email: Simote Katoa


Njia Lawrence-Porter, Academic Advisor

Office: C1058

Phone: 952-358-9086

Email: Njia Lawrence-Porter


LaCresha Martin, Administrative Assistant

Office: C1032

Phone: 952-358-8260

Email: LaCresha Martin


Chiharu Mikkelson, Academic Advisor

Office: C1047

Phone: 952-358-8852

Email: Chiharu Mikkelson


Howard Odor, Retention Coordinator

Office: C1056C

Phone: 952-358-8194

Email: Howard Odor


Jim Sutton, Academic Advisor

Office: C1053

Phone: 952-358-9092

Email: Jim Sutton