Assessment at Normandale Community College

Erin Daly, Student Learning Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 952-358-8834
Office: P2834

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Understanding Our Students' Learning

At Normandale, we seek information about what our students are learning in order to improve their learning, and we engage in this process in many ways and at different levels within the College.  In higher education, this practice is referred to as "assessment" of student learning. 

"Assessment of student learning is the systematic gathering of information about student learning and the factors that affect learning, undertaken with the resources, time and expertise available, for the purpose of improving the learning."  (Barbara Walvoord, Professor Emerita, University of Notre Dame) 

Student Learning Across the College

We gather information about the extent of our students' achievement of our College-wide student learning outcomes.  These "Core Learning Outcomes"  state that our students will...
1)      think critically and creatively,
2)      communicate effectively,
3)      develop personal responsibility and life skills,
4)      and demonstrate social responsibility.

Each academic and student affairs department is engaged in asking questions of interest related to student achievement of these Core Learning Outcomes, framed in a way that is meaningful for the department.  For example, successfully employing the scientific method may be used as evidence of critical thinking in biology, while successfully analyzing an income statement may be  used as evidence in accounting. 

We also gather information about our students' whole college experience, which can have a profound impact on their learning, via the Community College Survey Student Engagement.
Link to more information about the CCSSE

Student Learning at the Course or Co-Curricular Program Level

In a given academic course or co-curricular program, individual instructors and student affairs professionals engage in assessment of student learning in an effort to ensure that students achieve the stated learning outcomes for the course or co-curricular program.  Learning outcomes for a particular academic course can be found in the common course outline for that course.  To view the learning outcomes for a course, please click on the link below entitled "common course outline" and select the desired course.