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Normandale Continuing Education is committed to providing you a safe and healthy learning experience that supports your varied learning goals, professionally and personally. All courses will be offered as remote learning through the spring of 2021. Courses have one or more remote delivery options available. 

  • Virtual Live: Learning delivery is real-time with live remote instruction via a web platform such as ZOOM.
    • Benefits: Access to live instructor and cohort discussion, interaction, and at-the-elbow learning
  • Online: Learning delivery is remote with a schedule of weekly coursework and is instructor supported.
    • Benefits: Flexible learning schedule with a structured course schedule and a defined weekly course timeline to help you stay on track.
  • Self-Paced: Learning is designed to accommodate your personal learning schedule. 
    • Benefits: Learning is designed to accommodate your work and personal time. Study anytime to fit your life schedule.

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Strong organizations invest time and resources into employee training. Research reveals that training leads to employees who are more customer-focused, productive and loyal. Strong organizations also link training plans to their business results. Customized Training can be delivered at Normandale, at your location, or online.

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