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Policies are statements of institutional positions on various topics. They meet criteria in one of the following categories:

1.  Supports the college's mission and values
2.  Ensures the institution's compliance with external mandates
3.  Assures efficient use of resources
4.  Reduces risks
5.  Promotes consistency by those acting for the institution

College policies impact the entire institution and their applicability is not limited to a single institutional unit. They are developed to guide institutional decisions or actions.

Procedures are written statements of specific processes initiated to implement a policy. Procedures are subject to regular change to improve the manner in which a policy is administered.
Procedures are not policies. Procedures don't tell us what must be done, but how something must be done. Procedures are the methods for implementing policies.

For questions about Normandale Community College's policy and procedures, to obtain a copy, or to inquire about the status of a review contact Leah Brink.

To learn the details of the policy, procedure, and approval processes, please refer to the flowchart for New Policy Approval and the flowchart for Policy Revision or the written process, 1.4.1 Policy Procedure.

Chapter 1: Organization
  1.1 Policy Mission, Vision and Values
    1.1.1 Procedure Mission, Institutional Outcomes, Vision and Values
  1.2 Policy Administrative Organization
  1.3 Policy Committees 
    1.3.1 Procedure Committees 
  1.4 Policy Policies
    1.4.1 Procedure Academic Policies
  1.5 Policy Delegation of Authority
  1.6 Policy Calendar
  1.7 Policy Assignment of Credit Hours Policy 
    1.7.1 Procedure Assignment of Credit Hours Procedure 
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Chapter 2: Students
2.1 Policy Acceptable Forms of Identification Policy  
  2.3 Policy Hazing
  2.4 Policy Posting 
  2.5 Policy Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy
  2.6 Policy Code of Conduct
  2.7 Policy Employment
  2.9 Policy Student Travel
  2.10 Policy Disability Accommodations
    2.10.1 Procedure Disability Accommodations
  2.12 Policy Eligibility for Participation in Student Life
  2.14 Policy Public Presentations and Speakers
    2.14.1 Procedure Public Presentations and Speakers
  2.15 Policy Emergency Student Contact
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Chapter 3: Educational Policies
  3.1 Policy Admission to College 
    3.1.1 Procedure Admission to the College Procedure 
  3.2 Policy Academic Policy for Veterans
  3.3 Policy Academic and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy  
  3.4 Policy Make-up Testing and Test Proctoring
    3.4.1 Procedure Proctoring Procedures
  3.5 Policy Attendance 
  3.6 Policy Auditing a Class
    3.6.1 Procedure Auditing a Class
3.7 Policy Student Complaints and Grievances   

3.7.1 Procedure

Student Complaints and Grievances  
3.7.2 Procedure Student Grade Review   
  3.8 Policy Effective Catalog Requirements
    3.8.1 Procedure Effective Catalog Requirements
  3.9 Policy Grading 
    3.9.1 Procedure Grading 
  3.10 Policy Library 
  3.12 Policy Residency
    3.12.1 Procedure Credits in Residence
  3.13 Policy Transfer Credit  
    3.13.1 Procedure Transfer Credit Procedures  
  3.14 Policy Proctoring for Online Courses
    3.14.1 Procedure Make-up Testing and Outside Test Proctoring
  3.15 Policy Copyright
    3.15.1 Procedure Copyright
  3.16 Policy Academic Renewal 
  3.18 Policy Course Readiness Assessments
    3.18.1 Procedure Placement Testing
  3.19 Policy Last Date of Attendance Policy  
    3.19.1 Procedure Last Date of Attendance 
  3.20 Policy Course Drops and Withdrawals 
    3.20.1 Procedure Course Drops and Withdrawals 
3.35 Policy Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Policy  
3.35.1 Procedure Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Procedure  
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Chapter 4: Human Resources
  4.1 Policy Email and Internet Policy
    4.1.1 Procedure Email and Internet Procedure
  4.3 Policy Sexual Harassment & Violence
    4.3.1 Procedure Sexual Harassment & Violence
  4.4 Policy Workplace Violence
    4.4.1 Procedure Reporting Workplace Violence
  4.5 Policy Reasonable Accommodations
    4.5.1 Procedure Requests for Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities
    4.5.2 Procedure Requests for Reasonable Accommodations for Job Applicants
  4.6 Policy Flexible Work Policy
  4.7 Policy Affirmative Action
  4.8 Policy Faculty Credentialing
    4.8.1 Procedure Credentialing of Temporary Part-Time, Adjunct and Customized Training Faculty Teaching for Credit - Exceptions Policy
  4.10 Policy Administrative Hiring
  4.12 Policy Possession or Carrying of Firearms and Weapons
  4.13 Policy Faculty Evaluation
    4.13.1 Procedure Faculty Evaluation Procedure
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Chapter 5: Administration
  5.1 Policy Bookstore Returns
  5.3 Policy Campus Security and Public Safety
  5.5 Policy Emergency Procedures
  5.6 Policy Lost and Found
  5.7 Policy College Access, Parking and Security Policy 
  5.8 Policy PSEO Textbooks
  5.10 Policy Vendor Tables
    5.10.1 Procedure Vendor Tables
  5.11 Policy Weather or Other Emergency Closing
    5.11.1 Procedure Weather or Other Emergency Closing
  5.12 Policy Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources
  5.13 Policy Web Publishing
    5.13.1 Procedure Web Publishing Procedures
  5.14 Policy Media Policy
    5.14.1 Procedure Media Relations
  5.15 Policy Record Maintenance and Retention 
    5.15.1 Procedure Record Maintenance and Retention 
  5.16 Policy College Intranet
  5.17 Policy Library Gifts
  5.18 Policy Advertising and Sponsorship
    5.18.1 Procedure Advertising and Sponsorship
  5.19 Policy Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus
    5.19.1 Procedure Alcoholic Beverages at Campus Events
  5.20 Policy Small Appliances
  5.22 Policy Solicitation on Campus
  5.23 Policy Security and Privacy of Information Resources
  5.24 Policy Data Privacy
  5.25 Policy Fireworks/Explosives/Pyrotechnics
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Chapter 6: Facilities
  6.2 Policy Latex Allergy and Fragrance Policy
  6.5 Policy Facility Rental
    6.5.1 Procedure Facility Rental
  6.6 Policy Smoking and Chewing Tobacco
  6.7 Policy Disposition of Property
  6.8 Policy Space Management
  6.9 Policy Access to Facilities
  6.11 Policy Naming College Facilities
  6.12 Policy Food
  6.13 Policy Freedom of Expression Policy
    6.13.1 Procedure Freedom of Expression Procedure
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Chapter 7: General Finance Provisions
  7.1 Policy Accounts Receivable Management
7.3 Policy Fees Associated with Payments  

  7.4 Policy Tuition and Fee Deferment
  7.5 Policy Waiver of Application Fees 
    7.5.1 Procedure Waiver of Application Fees 
  7.6 Policy Contracts
  7.8 Policy Purchasing Credit Cards
  7.9 Policy Scholarships
7.11 Policy Gift Cards Policy 
7.11.1 Procedure Gift Cards Procedure 
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Chapter 8: College Relations
  8.3 Policy Advisory Committees
    8.3.1 Procedure Advisory Committees
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Chapter 9: Grants and Sponsored Projects
9.1 Policy  Time and Effort Reporting
9.2. Policy Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Federal Awards Policy
9.2.1 Procedure Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Federal Awards Policy
9.3 Policy Mandatory Disclosure Policy 
9.4 Policy Research Misconduct Policy  
9.4.1 Procedure Research Misconduct Procedure
9.5 Policy Grants and Sponsored Projects
9.6 Policy Subrecipient Monitoring in Grant-Sponsored Programs Policy           
   9.6.1 Procedure Subrecipient Monitoring in Grant-Sponsored Programs Procedure  
9.7 Policy Protecting Personally Identifiable Information and Sensitive Data Policy  
9.8 Policy Matching Funds Policy 
9.8.1 Procedure Matching Funds Procedure 
9.9 Policy 9.9 Allowability of Costs Charged to Federally-Funded Awards
9.9.1 Procedure Allowability of Costs Charged to Federally-Funded Awards 
9.10 Policy Cost Transfer Policy for Sponsored Programs Policy 
9.10.1 Procedure Cost Transfer Policy for Sponsored Programs Procedure 
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