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We have been thinking about you and your family, friends, and colleagues. 

As we navigate this extraordinary time, we as foundation staff are re-examining how we do business, from the tactical to the strategic. This message provides a glimpse into our thinking at this moment.
As accustomed as we have arguably become to natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic is different. This is a personal disaster that we cannot look away from. It impacts everyone, in ways that are shared and highly individualized.
You know what is not different about this disaster? Who bears the brunt of it. Those among us who are most vulnerable will take the hardest hits: older adults, immigrants and new Americans, refugees, medically fragile people, people with disabilities, members of communities that already struggle with physical and mental health, and those who work for minimum wages.
As you all know, many of Normandale's students are people with the above challenges. 

Our foundation is needed more than ever now. 

While the college develops its pandemic response plan, the foundation is preparing for a new phase of what it looks like to be an essential partner. 

The college is handling how to best ensure academic credit completion with everyone's safety in mind. We believe that now is the time for our foundation to recommit to what we do best: providing financial support to students. Typically, our financial support has come in the form of scholarships to offset tuition. Scholarships are funded for spring semester. What is most needed now are emergency funds for students for food and other basic needs as they lose working hours, stay home with children, care for sick parents, possibly fall sick themselves, and handle all the complications of poverty. 

For numerous reasons, this is not the time for fundraising "as usual." We are directing all gifts towards student emergency funds through June 30. 

This is a time for all of us to come together and focus on the people of our community who tend to be invisible to many.

The process of recovery must include everyone. 

Our fortunes are inextricably linked. They always have been, but many do not know it. As people who work in philanthropy, we know it, and we can lead others to act. 

Please take care and be well.   

The Foundation Staff and Board of Directors

Normandale Community College Foundation focuses on advancement and major direct support of the college. The Foundation supports the college by securing alternative funding and building relationships with the community. The Foundation also promotes understanding about Normandale Community College among external constituencies. 

Your involvement and participation in our efforts to further strengthen Normandale's tradition of excellence is invited and encouraged.

Scholarships: We have many options here! To specify on our Giving Page, simply write the name of the Scholarship in the box marked "Other".

Programs: Currently, we have the Academy of Math and Science and Normandale Cares Emergency Grants supporting students to persist and graduate. Type the name of your favorite program in the "Other" box on our Giving Page.

Department Funds: Featuring a newer way to support students, these funds are administered by faculty and are designed to support groups of students within a specific discipline. Specify the Department in the "Other" box on our Giving Page.

Legacy Circle: this is our planned giving society, access the enrollment form here. Planned gifts help the College with long-term goals and advance your desire to leave a lasting legacy here.

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