Public Safety

Personal escorts
Escort services are provided by the office of Public Safety from 7AM to 10:30 PM Monday through Friday and 7AM to 5:30 PM on Saturday.

Vehicle jump start assistance
To receive assistance for jump starting your car, call the Public Safety office at extension 8280. In certain instances, such as a vehicle lockout, you will be advised to contact a private garage or service station for assistance.

Environmental Health and Safety
The goal of our program is to provide a safe and healthy place for our students and staff. We do this by focusing on prevention through training, by inspection, by working closely with regulatory agencies, and by having a supportive role in programming. In addition, we encourage practices that minimize Normandale's impact on the environment by promoting environmental stewardship.

Parking lot patrol
Public Safety officers patrol the campus parking lot to provide assistance, act as a deterrent to criminal activity, and to enforce parking regulations.

Vehicle accident reports
Minnesota State Statute 169.09 defines the Accident Reporting Requirements. Public Safety officers will respond to all traffic accidents on campus and in most instances they will simply facilitate the exchange of driver information. In certain situations, however, they will contact the Bloomington Police Department to respond to take a report, or to conduct further investigation.

Crime reports
Public Safety reports are completed in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act. The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC 1092f) is the landmark federal law that requires colleges and universities across the United States to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses. The "Clery Act" is named in memory of 19-year-old university freshman Jeanna Ann Clery who was murdered while asleep in her residence hall room in 1986.

Public safety patrol
In addition to parking lot patrol, Public Safety officers patrol the campus on foot. They are identifiable as Public Safety officers by the uniforms they wear. They carry two-way radios and are always in contact with each other and the Public Safety office. They are primarily responsible for crime prevention, safety, and other service-related activities. According to Minnesota State Statute 169.966, these officers have and may exercise the same powers of arrest for violation of rules or ordinances adopted by the Board of Trustees as are possessed by peace or police officers.

Public Safety booklets
These are located in a display rack outside of the Public Safety office room F1250.

First aid assistance
Public Safety officers are usually the first responders to all medical emergencies on campus. In most cases, however, the police department and paramedics will also be asked to respond. In any life threatening situation, call 911 first for assistance, then contact Public Safety at either extension 555 or 8280.