2.9 Student Travel

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Chapter 2: Students

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 5.19 Travel Management
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 5.19.3 Travel Management

Purpose:  To fulfill Board policy with regard to approval and administration of travel management for student life activities. 

For the purpose of this policy, student life activities are those as defined by Minnesota Statue 136F.01, subdivision 5 and as embodied within the Minnesota State Student Life policy 2.8.

Part 1: Conditions for Travel

Subpart A:  All travelers must be currently enrolled during the semester of travel. 
National travelers must have been active members within club/organization/program for at least one semester prior to trip.


Subpart B:  All travelers are subject to the Normandale Code of Conduct.


Subpart C:   All travelers must complete proper documents prior to departure.

All in-state travel and the incurrence of related expenses must receive written prior approval and all out-of state travel requires written prior approval by employee who has delegated authority to approve out-of-state travel.


Subpart D:  A Normandale staff/faculty member may be required to accompany the group as determined by Director of Student Life.


Subpart E:  Travelers attending out of state conferences must make a presentation to peers within one month of return.

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Part 2: Cost of Travel 

Subpart A:  Local and Regional Travel

  1. Clubs may request partial funding (up to four delegate conference fees, and transportation) through Student Life.  
  2. Organizations may request funding (except for meals) through the Student Life budget process.

Subpart B:  National Travel

  1. Clubs
    1. Clubs must cover all costs associated with national travel including transportation and accommodations.
    2. Clubs may use generated revenue to cover other expenses related to national travel, excluding meals.
  2. Organizations
    1. May request funding for up to four delegate conference fees, transportation and lodging through the Student Life budget process.
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Part 3: International Travel 

Organized international travel involving students must be with college-sponsored, academic-based programs approved by the International Educational Committee. 

Exceptions may include the Canadian Provinces of Manitoba and Ontario and will be determined by Dean of Students.

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  Policy History: 
Date of Adoption: Fall 1999
Date of Implementation:
Date and Subject of Revisions: Fall 2007, Fall 2009
Next Review Date: 2015-16
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