Sexual Violence Prevention Awareness

If you have been a victim of sexual violence:

  • Know that you're the victim and it is not your fault
  • Find a safe environment and a trusted friend to stay with you
  • If you have been drinking and you're underage, reporting assault does not mean that you will get in trouble with NHCC for violating the Code of Conduct

Consider reporting the crime:

Any individual who believes she or he has been or is being subjected to conduct prohibited by Board Policy 1B.1 is encouraged to report the incident to the designated officer. The report/complaint should be brought as soon as possible after an incident occurs.

Any student, faculty member or employee who knows of, receives information about or receives a complaint of discrimination/harassment is strongly encouraged to report the information or complaint to the designated officer of the system office, college, or university.

Contact any of the following: -

Consider taking steps to preserve physical evidence

  • If possible, go directly to an Emergency Room at a local hospital.
  • It is best not to bathe or wash and keep your clothing in a paper bag to preserve evidence.

Other Local Resources


To read the policy in full, please see MnState 1B.1 Non-Discrimination in Employment.

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