Patient Bill of Rights


Patients' Bill of Rights

  1. COURTEOUS TREATMENT.  Patients have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect for their individuality by employees of or persons providing service in a health care facility.  Normandale Community College does not discriminate against any patient due to race, age, physical limitations, or sexual preference.  

  2. APPROPRIATE HEALTH CARE.  Patients shall have the right to treatment that meets the standard of care in the dental hygiene profession, which includes appropriate dental hygiene care based on individual needs.

  3. INFORMATION ABOUT TREATMENT.  Patients shall be given complete and current information concerning their recommended treatment, alternatives, risks, and expected outcomes.  This information shall be in terms and language the patients can reasonably be expected to understand.  Patients may be accompanied by a family member or other chosen representative.

  4. PARTICIPATION IN PLANNING TREATMENT.  Patients shall have the right to participate in the planning of their dental hygiene care.  This right includes the opportunity to discuss treatment and alternatives with individual caregivers.  

  5. CONTINUITY OF CARE.  Patients shall have the right to continuity of care during a course of treatment to have that course of treatment completed.
  6. RIGHT TO REFUSE CARE.  Patients shall have the right to refuse treatment based on the information required in 3 (above).  Patients who refuse treatment shall be informed of the likely results of the refusal, with documentation in the individual dental hygiene record.  

  7. TREATMENT PRIVACY.  Patients shall have the right to respectfulness and privacy as it relates to their dental hygiene treatment program.  Case discussion, consultation, and treatment are confidential and shall be conducted discreetly.  

  8. CONFIDENTIALITY OF RECORDS.  Patients shall be assured by confidential treatment of their dental hygiene records, and may approve or refuse their release to any individual outside the facility.  Copies of records and written information from the records shall be made available in accordance with this subdivision and the Minnesota statutes governing access to health records.  This right does not apply to complaint investigations and inspections by the Department of Health, where required by third party payments contracts, or where otherwise provided by law.  

  9. DISCLOSURE OF SERVICES AVAILABLE.  Patients shall be fully informed of the services which are included in the facility's basic fees and what other services are available at additional charge.  

  10. RESPONSIVE SERVICE.  Patients shall have the right to a prompt and reasonable response to their questions and requests.  

  11. SAFETY.  Patients should be aware that the Normandale Community College Dental Hygiene Program complies with the infection control guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).