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Tour Dates: March 5-8, 2023

Hollywood sign

We're heading to Hollywood! ECON 2202: Principles of Macroeconomics is being offered spring semester 2023 with a travel experience to Los Angeles, and the economic concepts and examples used in the course will be customized to critically examine the impact of the entertainment and tourism industries on the economy of California. While in L.A. you'll participate in tours of Hollywood's film and TV studios, visit Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinatown, Skid Row, and so much more. You'll even get to spend a day at Universal Studios Hollywood, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This course meets Goals 5 and 8 of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, as well as the Macroeconomics requirement for 2-year and 4-year business programs.

Information on the course and tour can be found in this Program Guide.

For more information, contact instructor Álvaro Plachejo or Aimee DuBois.

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Tour Dates: May 13-24, 2023 with optional 5 day add-on tour to Galapagos Islands


Get ready to experience the full breadth of Ecuador as you immerse yourself in the local culture while gaining insight into Ecuador's history and present-day issues. Ecuador is defined largely by its diversity in terms of people, geography, history, and ecology. Throughout this course and tour, students will meet and learn from people representing Ecuador's diverse population. Along the way, students will develop global competency skills. In addition to interacting with and learning about Ecuador's culture, the group will experience Ecuador's incredible diversity of flora and fauna in misty cloud forests, untouched national parks, and windswept Andean grasslands. Students will have an option to travel to the Galapagos Islands at the end of the itinerary.

This course satisfies Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goals 7 & 8.

Information on the course and tour can be found in this Program Guide.

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For more information, contact instructor Chad Kuyper or Aimee DuBois.

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Tour Dates: May 15-22, 2023


Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union, has had dramatic economic effects on each of the separate UK countries. This Economics course will address the effects of Brexit, with special attention paid to cultural, historical, and economic consequences of Brexit on Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. Then, take your learning abroad with an 8-day tour to the UK where you'll explore the cities Belfast, Edinburgh, and London. Along the way you'll visit castles, distilleries, cathedrals, and even a few famous filming locations from Game of Thrones!

Information on the course and tour can be found in this Program Guide.

For more information, contact instructor Brooks Herrboldt.

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Castle in Scotland


Normandale partners with the University of Wisconsin River Falls and its program in Dalkeith (suburb of Edinburgh). In fact, most Normandale students that study abroad for a full semester choose this option. You'll even sometimes find Normandale faculty teaching there. Normandale's Global Studies Coordinator works with UWRF to identify which courses best transfer back and will guide you through the application and course selection process. Housed in the unique and historic setting of Newbattle Abbey, the Experience Scotland program is an amazing experience with virtually limitless opportunities for educational and personal growth. For more information or to apply, visit Experience Scotland or contact the Global Studies Coordinator.

Alnwick castle


Normandale students can live and take classes inside of one of Britain's most iconic castles (and a Harry Potter filming location) through our partner St. Cloud State University. A variety of programs offer students the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in British culture. Course offerings change each semester. Normandale's Global Studies Coordinator works with SCSU to identify how courses will transfer back and will guide you through the application and course selection process. For more information or to apply, visit Study in Alnwick or contact the Global Studies Coordinator.


Normandale students may participate in many approved study abroad programs offered at our partner institutions listed below. Search for programs open to non-university undergraduate students and contact the Global Studies Coordinator to discuss your plans, get guidance, and seek approval.


Why Academic Travel?

We live in a very globalized world and having an academic travel experience gives students an edge in the marketplace. You can earn academic credits while experiencing the adventure and exhilaration of learning in a new place. Many companies are multinational and are seeking individuals who have a worldview that understands the sensitivities regarding culture, heritage, tradition, and religion.

Keeping Students Safe

One of the most important aspects of academic travel programming is the safety of our students and faculty. While safety can never be guaranteed, the college employs the following safeguards while planning and conducting travel courses:

  • Normandale provides a 1 to 10 ratio of faculty to students for all travel.
  • Before a tour begins, faculty participate in safety and risk management training. All participating students are required to complete a safety and conduct orientation prior to departure.
  • All tours undergo risk assessment prior to departure and an action plan is in place in the event of an emergency including if there is a need to leave a location unexpectedly and quickly.
  • Health insurance coverage is required for all students traveling abroad. This insurance also includes evacuation coverage in the event of emergency.
  • Contact information is provided for all students to reach faculty during a tour. Faculty leading a tour are provided the means to contact campus administration in the event it is necessary to reach them any hour of the day.
  • A buddy system will be used during any free time outings.
  • Records of health incidents during an international travel course are collected and reported to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education for review.

If you have any questions regarding our practices and procedures regarding keeping students and faculty safe while traveling, please contact Global Studies Coordinator.

Paying for Travel

The fees for travel courses vary by experience and location. Some are paid through course fees and others directly through the tour company, which often provides a variety of payment plans for participants.

Students may qualify to use financial aid to cover a percentage of the travel expense and should check with the financial aid office to determine what aid they may be eligible for.

Academic Travel Scholarships are available through the Foundation Office twice per year.  Scholarships are also available through the Gilman Foundation.

For any other questions regarding funding an academic travel experience, please contact the Global Studies Coordinator.


Q1: Can I use financial aid for study abroad?
A1: Yes, a student who qualifies for financial aid may use the aid for travel courses and approved study abroad programs. Before a student enrolls in a study abroad program, he or she should contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office to discuss their funding options and the steps necessary to make sure their aid will be in place prior to the program beginning. Please note that not all expenses may be covered with financial aid.

Q2: Do I need to take the course associated with the tour?
A2: Yes. Participants are required to enroll in the course for credit or audit. The cost is the same

Q3: What do academic travel experiences cost?
A3: The cost of travel courses and study abroad programs vary according to destinations and numbers of credits.

Q4: How do I make payments for the travel courses?
A4: Depending on the program, payments will be made directly to the tour company or paid through course fees. Tuition will be paid through Normandale billing. Please be aware of all payment deadlines.

Q5: How do I apply for a an academic travel experience?
A5: Travel courses require enrollment in the course and tour. Each program is different in the process.  Follow instructions in each program's information guide. The instructor listed can assist with anyquestions about the tour enrollment process.

Study abroad programs require an application process through the partner university. If you have any questions, contact the Global Studies Coordinator

Q6: Could I ever be sent home?
A6: Yes, a student might be sent home at their own expense if there are violations of the Normandale Code of Conduct or Program/Provider Rules.

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Are you thinking about taking advantage of one of the academic travel opportunities offered at Normandale Community College? You can explore each program in depth on this website or contact the Global Studies Coordinator for more information.