Advising, Counseling and Career Center

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Professional, qualified, experienced advisors and counselors are available to assist students with academic concerns and planning. Counselors are also available to meet with students regarding personal concerns.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors and counselors are available to help students achieve their educational goals.

Services include:

  • Academic planning, including assistance understanding course placement, course scheduling, registration, and developing long-term academic plans
  • Guidance through the transfer planning process, connecting students to appropriate resources, information and tools
  • Assistance with exploration and decision-making in selecting academic majors and career paths
  • Explanation and clarification of program requirements, policies and procedures
  • Supporting students through academic issues, including course concerns, warning, suspension and probation

Personal Counseling and Mental Health Services

Sometimes it is important to discuss personal issues privately with a counselor or licensed psychologist.  The Advising and Counseling Department provides a confidential setting where a student may discuss concerns and achieve a better understanding of themselves - their feelings, attitudes and capabilities.

Services include:

  • Our counselors provide a holistic approach to student development, focusing on the student's academic, career or personal concerns.  Often these problems are interrelated.  Counselors can work with the student on any problem that gets in the way of their success in college.
  • Our licensed clinical psychologist is able to help students with a number of concerns, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, ADHD and more.  Mental health assessments, counseling, crisis intervention, consultation and referral are available to all Normandale Community College students.

Visit to find links to:

  • 24 hour crisis lines
  • Information on various mental health issues
  • Referals and resources students can access in the community
  • Free, online mental health screening

Career Development

A variety of assistance is available to help students explore career options, develop career goals and explore alternatives.  Programs are available for students to explore possible career goals, including

  • Career counseling
  • Major and career exploration
  • Career assessments to help students better understand their interests, skills, values and personality
  • A one-credit career development course, CCD 1170 Career Exploration
  • Resources for career development
  • Job search tools
  • Information about internships

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