2018 Summer Scholars Academy

Summer Scholars Orientation is July 12 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Partnership Center.


The Academy is a unique, four-week program that provides a fully funded academic experience on our campus and was created to specifically to help ease the transition into college level coursework in the Fall. Each year we invite a small group of newly admitted students, who score into the highest level of developmental (hyper link to dev ed scores?) education on the Accuplacer, to take part in our Summer Scholars Academy.

The Academy prepares students for college life by helping members become familiar with campus resources, professors, other students, and college life. Students can take courses in reading, writing or math, providing a seamless transition into college level courses in the Fall. On top of that, students who successfully complete the Academy will receive an additional $150 scholarship that will be applied to fall tuition.

Join us this Summer! We look forward to meeting you and to see you achieve your personal and academic goals. 

If you have any questions, please contact Marissa Machado either by phone at (952)358-9006 or via email at marissa.machado@normandale.edu.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Incoming new students who have been accepted to Normandale
  • Accuplacer course assignment and scores in the following ranges:  
      Reading 960
Writing 900
Math 990

The Summer Scholars Academy runs from July 16 - August 10, 2018.

Why You Should Participate

The Summer Scholars Academy is designed to help you be successful in college-level courses in the fall and to ease your transition to college. The Summer Scholars Academy will help ease the transition to college life by providing you opportunity to build your confidence as a scholar while networking with fellow students and Normandale staff and faculty. 

Enhance Your Skills and Knowledge

Program courses are focused on building knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and/or math. You will also gain success strategies such as time management, study skills, technology skills, and financial literacy. With individualized support from Normandale faculty and staff this program will help you become a stronger student and focus on the road ahead, saving you time and money.

Meet Your Fellow Students

The Summer Scholars Academy is ideal for getting to know peers who can support you during the program and beyond. The program enrolls a small cohort of students, providing ample opportunity for you to get to know other college students as you work, learn, think, and have fun together.

Plan for Your Future

In addition to preparing you for the near future of starting college in the fall, the Summer Scholars Academy is a chance to think and dream even bigger. Normandale staff can assist you in considering your academic and career goals and help map out the best path to achieving them

Explore What Normandale has to Offer

Normandale has a variety of resources that are at your disposal and will help you succeed in college and beyond. Through the Summer Scholars Academy, you will learn about support services on our campus such as the tutoring center, academic advising, counseling, career planning, and campus events

Get a Return on Your Investment

In addition to your time and commitment to the program, the Summer Scholars Academy requires a $75 application fee. However, choosing to invest in yourself pays. In fact, you will receive support for transportation costs and you will even earn a $150 stipend upon successfully completing all requirements of the Summer Scholars Academy and enrolling in fall semester courses.

*Individuals who wish to participate in the Summer Scholars Academy but are facing financial hardship should contact Marissa Machado at marissa.machado@normandale.edu for information to explore possible assistance options.