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Fall 2014 grades

Grades will be available in eServices as they are assigned by faculty. Normandale does not mail grades to students.

Academic/Financial Aid Suspension notification

Notices of Academic and Financial Aid Suspension and other statuses will be sent to students' Normandale email accounts the week of December 29. Be sure to monitor your email account to verify your status. Notices are not sent by US mail.

The last day to appeal your suspension for spring semester is Friday, January 9. Appeals submitted after that time will be considered for Summer 2015 or later.

spring Registration is underway

Registration for spring classes is underway! Continuing and returning Normandale students can register any time. New students will register at their Advising and Registration event.  Students are encouraged to register as soon as possible for the best selection of classes.

 spring tuition is due december 18

Trouble paying? Check out our payment plans.

Note that you must drop your classes by January 16 if you decide not to attend, or you may be obligated to pay.

check your my.normandale.edu email account frequently! Many important communications are sent by email only.

My.normandale.edu email is our primary means of communicating with you, and you are responsible for the information sent to you.  We notify students on warning and suspension within a week following the end of the term. If you have been suspended and you wish to enroll the next semester, you must submit your suspension appeal right away.

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