Award Notification

This information is extremely important to you. Once awarded, you will receive an email notification that your Award Letter is available to you on-line at E-services .

It is your responsibility to read the following information (for the applicable year) so that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient. So, please take the time to carefully read and review your Award Letter, AND the following:


Direct Deposit Authorization

Information and instructions for e-services form authorizing Normandale to direct deposit any excess financial aid funds to your checking or savings account.

Student Loan Entrance Counseling

Specifics on how to complete the required loan entrance counseling if you choose to borrow a loan - you must complete the entire Online process.

Student Employment Handbook

Describes the student employment (work-study) program.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Describes the criteria you must meet academically to remain eligible for financial aid. To read the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy effective starting with the Fall 2011 term, please see the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the Academic Catalog.

Refunds and the "Return of Title IV" Funds Policy

Describes when you will owe back a portion of your financial aid if you totally withdraw or stop attending your classes.

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