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What is a Library Database?

Linking to Articles and Videos

Missing Article?

Look for:

  • Links that say PDF or PDF Full Text
  • A Find Full Text link. Many of our databases provide full-text access to articles, but if there is no full text, look for the Find Full Text link. Click the link to see if the article is available in any other Normandale library database.
  • The Normandale Library sidebar on the right side of the screen (see picture below):

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of the database name and then Browse Journal link to go to that journal in the database. On the journal page, use the article citation information (article title, date, volume and issue number, etc.) to find your article.
  2. Open the Try a Different Link drop-down menu and choose a different database from the list to find the article there.
  3. Click the Request article from another library link to request that we borrow the article from another library for you.

If you can't find the article, Ask a Librarian for help.

You can report the broken link. Click the Report a problem link, fill out a form if you want to be contacted, and click the Send Report button.

Looking for a Specific Article?

If you have a citation of a journal article and want to know if we have access to that journal, use our Journal Finder. Type in the name of the journal and Journal Finder will let you know if we have access to the journal electronically or in print.

  • How to Search Within a Specific Journal (video) (PDF)

Trouble Connecting?

You can also use our databases off campus. Read our Off-Campus Access page for more information.