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Main number: (952) 358-8290

Need some help with your research? We have experienced librarians ready to give you a hand no matter where you are.

  • Ask a Librarian In-person
    If you are on campus, or can come to campus, feel free to speak to the librarians at the reference desk. They are friendly, knowledgeable people who are waiting to help you with your research.
  • Ask a Librarian by E-mail
    Submit a question, and a librarian will get back to you as soon as possible. On weekdays during a regular academic semester, you will receive a reply within a day; on weekends and holidays, you will receive a reply on the next school day.
  • Ask a Librarian by Phone
    You can give us a call at (952) 358-8290.
  • Research Consultation
    For in-depth help with your research, make an appointment with one of the librarians.

Library Personnel:

Library Faculty

Rosalie Bunge - Acquisitions
Room L2718 - (952)358-8296
BA, Hamline University; MA, University of Minnesota
Adam Kauwenberg-Marsnik - Cataloging & Library Systems
Room L2720 - (952) 358-8297
BA, University of Minnesota; MLIS, Dominican University
Lacey Mamak - Electronic Resources/Reference & Instruction
Room L3702 - (952) 358-8310
BA, Mills College; MLIS, St. Catherine University
Rebecca Hranj - Reference & Instruction
Room L2721 - (952) 358-9146
BA, Towson University; MLS, University of Maryland, College Park
Mike Rybak - Reference & Instruction
Room L2716 - (952) 358-9359
BA, University of Minnesota Twin Cities; MLIS, Dominican University
David Vrieze Daniels - Reference & Instruction
Room L2716 - (952) 358-9036
BS, Minnesota State University, Mankato; MLIS, St. Catherine University

Library Staff

Susan Borgfelt, Library Assistant, Circulation
Room L2701 - (952) 358-8920
Jacqueline Burns, Library Technician, Cataloging
Room L2714 - (952) 358-8293
Kim Christianson, Library Technician, Periodicals/Circulation
Room L2701 - (952) 358-8291
Eric Nelsen, Library Manager
Room L2710 - (952) 358-8735
Martin Ouse, Library Technician, Circulation/Interlibrary Loan
Room L2701 - (952) 358-9046
Mayya Rabinovich, Library Technician, Technology
Room L3712 - (952) 358-8678
Devon Radosevich, Library Technician, Circulation/Reserves
Room L2701 - (952) 358-8725
Lorna Redding, Library Technician, Acquisitions
Room L2714 - (952) 358-8292
Kathryn Rudd, Library Technician, Acquisitions
Room L2714 - (952) 358-8287

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