Bryan Tintes

Normandale Alumnus Brian Tintes

Among those who hear Bryan Tintes' story, some may be reminded of Rocky Balboa, the cinematic prizefighter who came from out of nowhere to become a contender. Bryan's saga, however, has an even happier ending than the initial movie.

Growing up was tough for Bryan, especially at school. Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder made it hard to concentrate or even sit still. Bryan was also dyslexic, unable to read till he was 10. Amid classes of 45 students in high school and lacking the individual attention he needed, he dropped out and went to work at a delivery service. Even after earning a GED three years later, he felt that he had much more to learn.

Like Rocky, Bryan wouldn't settle for mediocrity. He got an apartment and started setting goals for his life. Despite his struggles and difficulties, he knew he had what it took for success. He decided to learn computer science and choose Normandale as the best college to help him achieve his goals.

The decision to come to Normandale, he says "changed my life." No longer alone, Bryan had a support system to help him succeed. He had instructors at Normandale who took an interest in him and his education. He made a new circle of friends-bright, supportive people who took learning seriously. With hard work he achieved a 3.5 GPA, a once-unimaginable achievement.

This was only the beginning. Bryan's grades qualified him for membership in Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the prestigious international honor society for two-year colleges. He first served as the president of Normandale's chapter which led to his position as Regional President comprised of 68 colleges across three states.

Remembering his own struggles, Bryan found time in his busy schedule to volunteer each week at homeless shelters for men. When asked what advice he might give to struggling high school students, his answer comes quickly:

  • Make a life plan; don't just drift.
  • Join with others, both giving and seeking guidance and support.
  • Never, ever, underestimate your own abilities.

Bryan graduated from Normandale with his Associate in Arts degree in 2010, and transferred to University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied Computer Science and Russian. He was also part of the Army ROTC program. Tintes graduated from Wisconsin in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

While in his second year at Wisconsin, he started a company called CloneMyKey that pioneered and was the first to offer Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) key copying. RFID keys are more traditionally referred to as key fobs. After putting up a website to test the waters, the company received a surprisingly high demand for the service. The main customers have been apartment and condominium dwellers who would like a spare key fob but also many property management companies. The service quickly attracted customers from all 50 states and even a great deal from other countries.

After receiving an extensive crash course in business development and also a lengthy legal review, Bryan ended up moving the company into an office near campus which he still works at four years later. Still unquestionably the market leader his company is planning on extending its services into the retail market early next year.  

The company has been asked to advise for Microsoft and has a wide range of clients including Fortune Global 500 companies and even government entities -- including defense & intelligence agencies. For more information on the company visit

Bryan may have been down but, like Rocky, he never counted himself out. He will continue to succeed in life with his determination and the strong educational foundation Normandale has provided. Bryan will continue to be a winner.