Alumni Profiles

  • Rob Schultz

    Rob Schultz is Executive Director of the International Wolf Center, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With members in every U.S. state and 37 countries worldwide, the International Wolf Center is a leading authority on wolves and wolf-human issues globally.

  • Alex Della Polla Villarroel

    "Though I was not eligible to receive government aid, Normandale had scholarships that allowed me to attend college."

  • Alicia Nesvacil

    “The electronic health record helps us better serve our patients. Knowing and understanding the connection that health information technology has in improving and providing excellent care is a great benefit to our patients."

  • Andrew Sampson

    "The price for what you get at Normandale is hard to beat. I took loans out for two years of Nursing and ended up owing around $8,000 instead of the $40,000 it could have been at a four-year state school."

  • Antonia Felix

    Antonia Felix is the New York Times bestselling author of 16 nonfiction books, a novel, a play, and an award-winning environmental column.

  • Brandon Tucker

    Brandon Tucker came to Normandale to get into the Law Enforcement program, but soon discovered a new career path. Initially, he liked the law enforcement classes, but a work-study job with Normandale's student programs opened the door to a new passion.

  • Bryan Tintes

    Among those who hear Bryan Tintes’ story, some may be reminded of Rocky Balboa, the cinematic prizefighter who came from out of nowhere to become a contender. Bryan’s saga, however, has an even happier ending than the initial movie.

  • Callistus Ditah

    Callistus received the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship in 2009.

  • Chris Kinniburgh

    When he arrived at Normandale, Kinniburgh had planned on being an English or Physics major. However, once he took Kris Bigalk's Intro to Creative Writing, he changed his mind.

  • Claudine Cooper

    "My time at Normandale played a huge role in my career, and I am thankful for all the great instructors who did so much for me."

  • Edson Cruz

    Through the classes in Computer Technology and the Computers/Information Management (CIM) program at Normandale and his previous knowledge, Cruz earned a promotion at his job.

  • Dr. Frances Smith

    “I would say the atmosphere at Normandale for an adult learner was extremely supportive. When you are going to school with children and a job, it takes a specific focus to be successful. Normandale instructors have a great understanding and appreciation for that, and the class schedule is extremely flexible.”

  • Holly Kimball

    When Holly Kimball was planning for a degree in Engineering, she looked for an affordable college providing a quality education where credits would easily transfer. Normandale stood out from all the rest.

  • Jake Slegers

    The purpose of his first venture to Slovakia was to teach English at local high schools, originally for what was planned to be one year.

  • Jeffrey Stenbom

    Normandale helped Jeffrey Stenbom recover from a difficult period and find a new direction for his career and life.

  • Jeremy Wolfsteller

    Wolfsteller graduated from Normandale in 2009, and moved on to work for the American Legion where he counsels and assists veterans with their Veterans Administration benefits

  • Jill D. Johnson

    After graduating from Normandale, Jill continued her education at the University of Minnesota where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree.

  • John Folkestad

    When John Folkestad graduated from Normandale in 1987 with his Associate’s Degree in Accounting, he couldn’t have predicted the success his future held. In 2002, Folkestad co-founded SALO, LLC, a staffing and recruiting firm specializing in financial and accounting employees and helped grow it from a two-person operation to a thriving company with more than 300 employees.

  • Jon Swenson

    It is an old adage that success is when preparation meets opportunity. Jon Swenson’s path through Normandale to become the owner of a Famous Dave’s restaurant in Linden Hills is a great illustration of this concept.

  • Joyce Heinz Watson

    Watson came to Normandale as an artist with a passion for drawing and thought her career would follow that path. But after taking Intro to Photography at Normandale, she fell in love with the process of capturing a real life moment and making it look special.

  • Karina Moreno

    In her time as a student, Moreno played a major role in the Latino Club (which she still helps out with), as well as taking part in the Diversity Club. She also helped the school reach out to the Latino community as a student in a variety of ways, which helped give her experiences to be successful in her current position.

  • Kevin Downey

    Kevin Downey tested at a near genius level at the age of four. In his later youth, he made some choices that temporarily took him down the wrong path, but corrected those when he received what he described as a “second chance” at Normandale.

  • Kyle Adamson

    In 2010, Adamson submitted a poem called “Debriefing,” which was a semi-satirical, biographical look at his experiences in the Iraq War. The poem was one of nine to win the national AWP (Associate of Writers and Writing Programs) Intro to Journals award. Adamson was the only community college student to win the award.

  • Lyman Hawbaker

    Hawbaker finished his coursework at Normandale in 2010, and graduated from Cornell University in 2012. He spent the prior summer working at Deutsche Bank, and was hired as a Private Equity Analyst upon his graduation.

  • Mark Hanson

    After graduating from Normandale, Hanson went to work for Sunde Land Surveying, starting out as a chain man and rod man. During the next several years, Hanson worked in a number of roles for Sunde. In 1999, he purchased the company and became its president.

  • Michael Bayliss

    In the summer of 2010, Michael Bayliss’ IT position at the Bloomington Public Schools system was eliminated and he found himself looking for a different career path. Having already completed his Associates Degree in Computer Science at Normandale, Michael learned about the MN Health IT program in a Normandale newsletter, and thought it would be a great opportunity to complement his skills in project workflow and redesign.

  • Pam Balistreri

    "I chose Normandale because it was affordable, close to home, and the college collaborated with Mankato State University’s Elementary Education Program.”

  • Randie Carlson

    Randie Carlson never would have believed it if you told her after graduating high school that she would be working toward a career in Law Enforcement. However, when you talk to her now you realize her passion and excitement are geared toward a career as a police officer.

  • Dr. Richard "Rocky" Daly

    Upon graduating from Normandale Community College, Dr. Daly transferred to the University of Minnesota where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

  • Richard St. Germain

    One of the features Normandale Community College receives praise for is the convenient offering of classes to students who have many commitments besides their pursuit of an education.

  • Ruth Schiller

    Ruth Schiller has a long association with Normandale, in different capacities. She started off as a student in 1984, became a part-time teacher in the Psychology department in 1991 and has held a permanent position there since 2001.

  • Ruthe Batulis

    When Ruthe returned to college to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education at Normandale, Batulis was initially apprehensive. It had been almost 20 years since she had set foot in a classroom.

  • Stephanie Klein

    “I really liked the format of Normandale’s HIT Program. The instructors were great, and were always around if we needed anything. The program played a big role in teaching important elements of the industry.”

  • Tammy Mencel

    With her sales and management background along with her associates degree from Normandale, Tammy accepted an account executive position in 1999 with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, a weekly newspaper and daily news website serving the Twin Cities business community.

  • Tim Walker

    The combination of class work and Normandale’s friendly, capable instructors soon convinced Walker that a career in the hospitality industry was the path for him.

  • Tommy Nehls

    On August 21, 1965, Tommy Nehls went to Bloomington’s legendary Metropolitan Stadium to see The Beatles perform. From that point on, he knew he wanted to play and compose music.