Susan Krook

Title: Instructor Department: Anthropology

Office: S 2317 Phone: 952-358-8178

About Susan Krook

Susan Krook received her doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She focused her graduate work in the history of anthropology and the archaeology of the Southwestern United States. 

After moving to Minnesota in 1989, she began working as a medical anthropologist at the University of Minnesota's Medical School and the Department of Medicine.  She has been teaching at Normandale College since 1991 - part time until 2004 and full time since then. 

She teaches online and face to face classes including hybrid classes in: 

  • Cultural Anthropology 1127
  • Medical Anthropology 1899
  • Human Evolution 1125
  • Archaeology and Archaeological Field Methods 1126 and 2126
  • Cultural Anthropology Through Film and Photography
  • Women Across Cultures (with Sociology and Women's Studies Departments)
  • Courses in Native American studies.

She is dedicated to the study of human beings from many perspectives, but she also really adores her animals!