Within 2 years, we expect half of our website traffic to be from mobile devices of all kinds.

So the first thing to consider when installing videos on web pages is whether it will work on a mobile device as well as on a desktop.

When we had our website redesigned, we had a special component created for both videos and photo galleries called a "Masthead."

Yes, just like a newspaper, the masthead sits at the top of a web page.

NOTE: this masthead was created for the greatest amount of simplicity and reliability.

Given those requirements, it was decided to use only video media that is published on YouTube.

By limiting the video sourcing to YouTube, many, many potential problems have been eliminated, such as:

  • Player compatibility problems with all the browsers
  • Downloading/streaming hiccups of all kinds
  • Keeping up-to-date, a big one: nothing to upgrade periodically
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Ability to integrate videos with carousel photo galleries
  • Ability to string a series of videos together, sequentially for easy browsing.

With the masthead page component, we only need to insert the YouTube ID number and that's it.

Here is an example of a masthead video.

Here is an example of multiple videos in one masthead.

The biggest rule about all videos

If you want an audience for your video, keep it at 2 minutes or under.

Think when was the last time you watched a 10 minute video online (that wasn't on Hulu or Netflix ;)

If your video message won't pare down to 2 minutes, think about breaking it into 2 minute chapters, then stringing them all together in a masthead. That's one reason why we added that concatenation capability to the mastheads.

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2nd Biggest Rule About all Videos

Once you have your video produced and in hand, make sure you at least inform Marketing of its existence.

They may want to promote it in other media.

3rd Biggest rule About all Videos

All videos should be closed captioned. Another reason to keep everything at 2 minutes or below.

Need help with close captioning your video? Contact Pavel Ignatenkov

What if your video is not on YouTube?

Then put it there.

Ask Marketing if you need any help uploading your video to a YouTube account.

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