Below are downloadable official Normandale logos, in the file and color formats most often used. JPEG is the go-to format for general print and online purposes. EPS vector format is used for printing on materials other than paper product (apparel, swag items, etc.)

If other file or color formats needed, contact the Office of Marketing Communications. For full guidelines on proper usage of the Normandale logo, refer to the Normandale Brand Book.

To download:

  1. Simply click the logo titles below, which will open the logo in a browser window
  3. Select Save Image As … 

(Now here's the hard part: remember where you save it to on your computer!)

To resize an image in Microsoft Word, place your cursor on one corner of the image and move to adjust to desired size.

NOTE: The EPS vector files will automatically open a download dialog box, asking you where you want to save that file.

Normandale Email Signature Logo
^ Normandale Email Signature Logo 255x101 pixels

Other styles/renderings are available on request and displayed in our Brand Book.

Normandale horizontal logo, RGB, JPEG file

1200 x 300 pixels, 114K file size

Normandale centered logo, RGB, JPEG file

1200 x 600, 155K file size

Normandale horizontal logo, 1-color (black), JPEG file

1200 x 300, 80K file size

Normandale centered logo, 1-color (black), JPEG file

1200 x 600 pixels, 108K file size

Normandale horizontal logo, CMYK, EPS vector file

418 x 94 pixels, 332K file size

Normandale centered logo, CMYK, EPS vector file

341 x 149 pixels, 363K file size

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