Department Staff

Colleen Brickle
Colleen Brickle

Dean of Health Sciences

Samantha Marshall

Administrative Assistant

Office: A-2530

Phone: 952-358-8157

Jeremy McNamara

Student Affairs & Academic Programs Liaison

Office: C 1057

Office Phone: 952-358-8447

Joyce Baughman

Nursing College Lab Assistant

Office: S 2341

Office Phone: 962-358-8435

Kiara Taylor

Health Sciences Enrollment Manager

Office: A-2540

Phone: 952-358-8417

Katherine Andersen
Katherine Andersen

Director of Nursing

Office: S-2346

Office Phone: 952-358-8871

Judith Wattman
Nursing Department Chair Judith Wattman


Office: S-2314

Office Phone: 952-358-8452

Penny Peterson

Department Chair

Office Phone: 952-358-9098