Media Development

Media Production services provide assistance and support for audio-visual and multimedia projects. This also includes Studio, Photography/Professional Photographer, Filming, Editing, & creation of videos.

Service Categories

  • Video or audio recordings
  • Studio
  • Photography

Service Included

  • Video and audio recording for special lectures, guest speaker and events.
  • Video or audio recordings in the studio or in the classroom
  • Video editing to clean up, add graphics, voiceover or other enhancements for class-related video work.
  • Preparing audio and video materials for online delivery.
  • Photograph an individual, group photo and events.
  • Converting materials from one type of media to another (VHS to DVD). ADA Compliance.

Available to

  • Normandale Faculty
  • Normandale Staff
  • On-site partner Faculty

Service Maintenance

As needed