Study Abroad

About study abroad

Studying abroad allows students to earn academic credit while experiencing the adventure and exhilaration of living in a new place. The International Education Study Abroad program at Normandale Community College is offered in collaboration with EGL (Education for Global Learning), partnership with University of Wisconsin, River Falls, and Normandale faculty led programs.

Why Study Abroad

We live in a very globalized world and having study abroad experience gives students an edge in the marketplace. Many companies are multinational and they are looking for individuals who have a worldview, who understand the sensitives regarding culture, heritage, tradition and religion.

Many four-year institutions are now requiring a study abroad experience, including Carlson School of Business. A study abroad experience at Normandale can be applied to most schools' requirement.

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Are you thinking about taking advantage of one of the Study Abroad opportunities? You can explore each program in depth using this web site, or you may simply contact Dan Creed or your school's EGL Representative to find the information you need.

Where Students are Traveling

Click here to access the Study Abroad Guide about where students are studying abroad plus a host of other related topics like:

  • Learning a foreign language
  • U.S. students abroad by major
  • Academics
  • Cultural considerations

Keep Students Safe

One of the most important aspects of study abroad programming is the safety of students and faculty.  Normandale Community College has an excellent track record of keeping students and faculty safe during study trips abroad.

While safety can never be guaranteed, the college employs the following safeguards while planning and conducting study abroad courses:

  • Normandale provides a 1 to 10 ratio of faculty to students for all travel.
  • Before a trip begins, both administration and faculty conduct sessions with students to discuss all aspects of safety during a trip.  Each student is required to view a safety video prepared by the Dean of Students.
  • Tour companies provide insurance to ensure necessary action in the event of an emergency where students may need to leave a country unexpectedly and quickly.
  • Health insurance coverage is required for all students traveling abroad.  This insurance also includes evacuation coverage as well in the event of emergency.
  • Telephone lists are provided for all students to contact faculty during a trip.  Faculty leading a trip is provided personal cell numbers of administration in the event it is necessary to contact them any hour of the day.
  • A buddy system will be used during any free time outings.
  • Records of health incidents during a study abroad course are collected and reported to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education for review.

If you have any questions regarding our practices and procedures regarding keeping students and faculty safe while traveling, please contact Global Studies Coordinator Dan Creed at 952-358-8689.

Pay for Travel

Tour companies have a variety of methods to pay for a study abroad trip.  They allow monthly payments or one lump sum to be paid by the payment deadline.

Please note that when you make an early deposit, the tour price is locked in.  Some tour prices will increase if fuel prices increase.

Students may qualify to use financial aid to cover a large percentage of the travel expense.  Students should check with the financial aid office to determine what aid they may be eligible for.

Scholarships are available through the Foundation Office twice per year.  Students may submit an application to Global Studies Coordinator Dan Creed in March and November for consideration.  Applications may be obtained from and returned to Dan Creed.

Scholarships are also available through the Gilman Foundation.  Here is a link to the guidelines and application.

Students are allowed to do fundraising events on campus for a trip.

The students could conduct the fundraising at a vendor table In Kopp Student Center. They would need to pay the standard vendor price ($50) for use of the table since they are not a recognized student organization.

Students may only sell non-prepared food items.

If the trip doesn't go, students would use the funds to cover any non-refundable deposit and then the balance donated to the Foundation for a study abroad scholarship fund.

For any other questions regarding funding a study abroad experience, please contact Dan Creed at 952-358-8689.

2017-2018 Semester programs


Live and study in a 300 year-old castle in Dalkeith, Scotland, six miles from Edinburgh. Go to for application and information. Cost approximately $8500.00 including room and board, and tuition. Airfare is separate.

Costa Rica Study Abroad Information


Study Spanish in several destinations through Mankato State University (MSU). For cost and program information contact or go to


Experience China! Set in beautiful Hangzhou, "Experience China" provides a rich, cultural immersion with the comfort and safety of an organized and well-staffed international learning community. Fall and spring semesters offered. Go to for application and information.

2017 - 2018 Study Travel

Mexico and the Yucatan (ANTH 1900)

March 2-10, 2018.

Costs; approximately $2400 - $2900 plus tuition (3 credits). 

Explore the current cultures and ancient civilizations of Mexico and the Yucatan. Starting in Mexico City, a vast city today with a proud cultural heritage dating back thousands of years, we'll weave our way to many ancient sites and then travel to the State of Yucatán, one of the crown jewels in Latin American archaeological sites, cultural immersion and tourism.

Included: round-trip airfare, 8 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms, breakfast and dinner daily, full-time professional tour director and guided sightseeing tours and city walks   For information and questions, please contact Susan Krook at, 651-245-5758 or Pat Bonnie at, 952-358-8917. 

Diaspora in Senegal (French 1900)

May 12-26, 2018

Cost: $3,500 plus tuition (3 credits)

Diaspora in Senegal is an intensive short-term study abroad experience in Dakar, Senegal and the surrounding region. Dakar is an essential intellectual and creative hub from which West African culture is exported to the world.

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Bouchard at 

Business in Russia (BUSN 2900)

May 14-22, 2018.

Costs; approximately $3,474 plus tuition (3 credits). 

Explore the world of business in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Spend the first half of our adventure in Moscow and then take a high speed train to St. Petersburg. We will visit a number of businesses and talk to their owners about what is involved in owning a business in Russia. 

Cost includes airfare, hotels, transportation, most meals and tours

To register or get more information, go to and use tour code ID: Creed-2201.
For information, email Dan Creed at or call 952-358-8689.  

Peru Past and Present (SPAN 1900)

Summer, 2019.

Costs: $4,700 plus course fees. 

Peru Past and Present is an intensive short-term study abroad experience in Peru that concentrates on the impact of the Inca and Spanish cultures on contemporary Peru. An important focuse of the trip will be the stuy of historical sites, architecture and culture artifacts produced by these groups.

For additional information, please contact Heidi Kreutzer at