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March 7, 2017  

Topic: How to Benefit from Pressure Point Therapy.
Guest:  Dr. Michael Pinkus

Having made appearances on hundreds of radio and TV shows, Dr. Michael Pinkus is becoming known as the National Spokesperson for Alternative Health Care. In his 30 years of practice, he has worked with top Hollywood celebrities, world-class musicians, many pro athletes, and members of the US Olympic Team as an official team doctor. More importantly, he has worked with thousands of people just like you, having built up one of the largest chiropractic clinics in the country. Eventually, Dr. Pinkus segued into formulating nutritional supplements and authoring books on the subject of health. He is proud to say that his vitamins have officially helped over 1 million individuals in the past 20 years.

Dr. Pinkus recently hosted a PBS special Feel Better with Pressure Point Therapy which aired on PBS stations across the country. In this special, Dr. Michael Pinkus (D.C.) empowers viewers to take pain relief into their own hands. Over the years, Dr. Pinkus has found a way to make Eastern medicine practices easy to understand and accessible to the layperson. Comparing Asian acupuncture charts to Western nerve charts of the body, Dr. Pinkus cross referenced which nerve pathways were involved with the ancient acupressure points. He demonstrates pressure point therapy techniques to relieve pain in various areas of the body.