Continuing Education

Normandale Continuing Education is committed to providing you with courses and programs that support your varied learning goals, professionally and personally. Our top quality programs are aligned to industry and occupational trends and have been designed to help you develop your newfound interests.

Please note: The weekend of October 28th-29th, our service provider for general information and class registrations on the Normandale Continuing Education website will be doing an upgrade. We do not anticipate any service outage but in the event the system is unavailable please know that it will only be for a short time and to check back a little later. If you need to contact us, please use We appreciate your patience.


Strong organizations invest time and resources into employee training. Research reveals that training leads to employees who are more customer-focused, productive and loyal. Strong organizations also link training plans to their business results. Training can be delivered at Normandale, at your location, or online.

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