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Sulin Phat, Shakopee High School

"I have the funniest, but also serious-like advisors, whom I've become quite close to and can always talk to them about my problems. Not only did I meet amazing people, I also gained a lot of knowledge about private and public colleges, how to pay for college, write the best essays, and successful study skills for the ACT and MCA. I always have the best stories to tell to my family and friends whenever I get back from a Saturday Academy or the summer program."

« Sulin Phat, Shakopee High School, Former Student (Augsburg College Graduate)

Jennifer Saunders, Director

Office: C 1026
Phone: 952-358-8137

Charles Klepperich, Coordinator

Office: C 1065
Phone: 952-358-8136

De'Andre Avaloz, Advisor

Office: C 1065
Phone: 952-358-9304
Email: de'